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Drucker Prager

UMAT non-associated Drucker Prager



I am looking for a UMAT or some sort of reliable piece of code to implement the non-associated Drucker-Prager plasticity. I appreciate your help.



Drucker Prager Plasticity model

Hi All,

I am trying to code the Drucker prager plasticity model for the 2D plane strain case using consistent tangent modulus. I am using C++, therefore I would appreciate if anyone could share relevant materials which I could use and preferrably for the 2D case so it is not unnecessarily complicated.


Drucker Prager plasticity model for ceramics

Hi everybody,

I am a phD student modelling the behaviour of the ceramics under nanoindentation using ABAQUS. I have read that Drucker Prager plasticity model is suitable for ceramics under indentation. To obtain these parameters ABAQUS users manual suggest doing a triaxial test, but I can not find any information relating triaxial test with ceramics (I only find it for soils and rock). Does anybody know another way  to obtain these parameters? Has anybody performed this test experimentally before?



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