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interface cohesive law

how does ABAQUS design the cohesive element

Dear all,

I recently need calculate the stiffness matrix of the cohesive elements manually via mathematica. I used the finite element method to fulfill the assignment, but the result I got didn't match the stiffness matrix I extracted from the Abaqus. Neither did my supervisor.

knn, ktt and kss seem to be so obvious for the traction-seperation law, as also it measioned in Abaqus.  Could you please help me out by offering the way to find how the ABAQUS exactly design the cohesive elements or how ABAQUS calculate the stiffness matrix.

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help for applying the cohesive model to predict the fatigue lift for bimaterial system with perfect interfaces

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Dear fellows,

We will predict the fatigue life for the metal-ceramic multilyer devices subjected to cyclic load in service . Residual stresses are induced during  high- temperature process in the devices, which were known in the previous work. Considering the bimaterial interface as a weak plane, no  geometric discontinuity are taken into account, i.e., perfect interfaces are considered.

 How to construct the cohesive interface model (no initial crack)?

appreciate your advice in advance.



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