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SES 2016

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[Call for Abstract] [SES 2016 Energy Materials Symposium E-1] List of Confirmed Invited Speakers (As of 14 June 2016)

Confirmed invited speakers:

Sheldon Brian (Brown University)

Sulin Zhang (Penn State University)

Ting Zhu (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Matt Pharr (UIUC)

Shuman Xia (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Vivek Shenoy (University of Pennsylvania)

Wayne Chen (Purdue University)

Yue Qi (Michigan State University)

Yuefei Zhang (Beijing University of Technology)

Shengping Shen (Xi'an Jiaotong University)


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Call for Abstracts: SES2016 Symposium D-13: Architectured Meta-materials: Engineering Science, Design, Manufacturing and Characterization

The 53rd Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science will be held at the University of Maryland (UMD), 2-5 October 2016. We are organizing a symposium on Architectured Metamaterials which will cover research on the structure, mechanics, design, optimization, fabrication and mechanical performance of all categories of architectured materials including but not limited to lattice materials, metamaterials, topologically interlocked materials and bio-inspired materials. 

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[Call for Abstracts] SES minisymposium on Friction, Fracture, and Damage

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to consider submitting abstracts to the following minisymposium taking place as part of the Soceity of Engineering Sciences meeting to be hosted by the University of Maryland (October 4-7, 2016)

D-9 :Friction, Fracture and damage (

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