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# Finite Element modeling; Contact Mechanics; Multiscale Modeling

Linear perturbation analysis in ABAQUS with surface to surface contact

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Hi, I tried a Linear perturbation analysis in ABAQUS with surface-to-surface contact. The parts that are defined as contacting surfaces are 0.2mm apart. They are also given a normal behavior with a pressure overclosure option using "hard" contact. However, in some modes where it is expected to be in contact, there is interpenetration. The problem is that it depends on the scale of deformation too. So my question is how to make this generalised, i.e., include no contact in case of tensile mode behaviour and include high stiffness in case of mode involving compressive type behaviour?

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MS/PhD positions, UT Knoxville, statistical composite homogenization & Radiative Transfer Equation

I have a few positions (funded by AFRL, ARO, etc) for MS or PhD (preferred) students at the University of Tennessee Space Institute (UTSI) and University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK). The positions should start in January 2022 or at the latest Fall 2022. One of the positions requires US citizenship. The projects are in the following general areas:


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9th International Conference on Computational Methods, Rome, Italy, August 6-10, 2018

ICCM9- Roma - 6-10th August 2018

The International Conference for Computation Methods (ICCM)  series were initiated by Professor GR Liu (University of Cincinnati OH, USA in Singapore in 2004 it has become one of the major international conferences in the related areas.

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PhD positions in Computational Mechanics at the University of Wisconsin Madison

Looking for prospective PhD students with strong background in solid mechanics and numerical methods to join the Computational Mechanics and Multiphysics Group at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Background in modeling contact or contact mechanics is a big plus but not essential.  

The research scope is in the broader areas of mechanics driven multiphysics in morphogenesis/embroyogenesis phenomena (Biophysics) and microstructure evolution in metallic alloys.   

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Doctorate student position in Mechanical Engineering - Lamar University, Texas, USA

A Doctorate of Engineering (DE) student position is available for Summer/Fall 2017 in Mechanical Engineering. It is highly prefered that the applicants are specialized in solid mechanics and well-familier with finite element methods. The positions involves multi-scale modeling of friction at high temperature and are directed by Multiscale Contact Mechanics and Tribology Laboratory at Lamar University, Beaumont, TX, USA.

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