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Post-doc 18 months - highly competitive European Space Agency - EMTD Lab post-doc position - Interdisciplinary Centre for Security and Trust

Dear Colleagues We are looking for a post-doctoral level researcher for a 18 month project in collaboration with a startup company EMTD lab and the European Space Agency. The work to be done is related to radiation shielding and fatigue fracture. We are looking for people with a background in polycrystalline fracture, phase field/enriched finite element methods and multi-scale methods. Knowledge of metallurgy and crystallography would be welcome. Due to confidentiality, we cannot divulge more information at this stage.

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Postdoc position available at Columbia University in the City of New York

We have one or more postdoc positions available, to be filled immediately, in my research group. We are looking for postdocs in the broad area of computational mechanics.  Candidates should have expertise in modeling dynamic responses of path-dependent materials. Our project is specifically focused on the development and validation of multiscale models for energetic/porous/polycrystalline materials across length scales. More details will be provided to interested candidates. 

UMAT Dr Huang's Crystal Plasticity Code: help

Dear all,

I want to implement Dr Huang's code for polycrystals. I am stuck at two issues. 


1. How do we define the orientation to each grain separately in the code ? (I believe we need to do it in texture.txti ?)  I am not able to understand the texture.txti file.

2. What else would be different for a polycrystal CP umat implementation?


I apologize if my doubts are too basic. Please assist.

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Three-dimensional simulation of crack propagation in ferroelectric polycrystals: Effect of combined toughening mechanisms

We simulate the fracture processes of ferroelectric polycrystals in
three dimensions using a phase-field model. In this model, the grain
boundaries, cracks and ferroelectric domain walls are represented in a
diffuse way by three phase-fields. We thereby avoid the difficulty of
tracking the interfaces in three dimensions. The resulting model can
capture complex interactions between the crack and the polycrystalline
and ferroelectric domain  microstructures. The simulation results show
the effect of the microstructures on the fracture response of the
material. Crack deflection, crack bridging, crack branching and
ferroelastic domain switching are observed to act as the main fracture
toughening mechanisms in ferroelectric polycrystals. Our fully 3-D

About the polycrystal plasticity

Hi everyone,

I am trying to build polycrystal plasticity model  by using UMAT subroutine in ABAQUS. As we know, the orientation of grain is always espressed by Euler's angles. What I want to know is  how to assign different initial orientations to different grains using Euler's angles in Umat subroutine. Could anybody tell me how to do? Is there any example ?

Many Thanks,


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