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PhD with CSC scholarship on fault mechanics

In the last two decades, considerable observational and theoretical work has been devoted toall aspects of earthquake prediction research, for solving fundamental questions concerningthe mechanics of fault systems, as well as for answering questions regarding earthquakehazard.The european natural observatory of the Corinth Rift (, a very rapidlydeforming area (opening strain rate of ~10-6/yr) where one or more earthquakes withmagnitudes above 6 are expected in the coming decades provides a framework in which themechanics of faults can be studied

"How I published in a scientific journal at age 12"

Suganth Kannan writes writes about the inspiration behind his model for earthquake prediction – and what he learned on his (“tedious but worth it”) journey to publication



I heard a sound in my email Inbox. It was from the editor-in-chief of Elsevier's Engineering Failure Analysis journal. I opened the email and read that my paper was accepted to be published under some conditions for revisions per peer reviewer's comments.

reinforced concrete earthquake response with FEM



I am a student currently working on my Master's thesis. I am supposed to model a reinforced concrete wall-slab connection undergoing seismic loading. I read an article where this was done with ANSYS. However, my experience with ANSYS is non-existent so I was wondering are there any tutorials on how to model the reinforcement or do a time-history analysis (preferably both)? I'm supposed to test connection configurations and then conclude whether or not they're suitable for seismic detailing. ANY help would be deeply appreciated!

Dominant frequency of an earthquake wave

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Hi all,

How to find the dominant frequency of a seismic wave?

Earthquake in West China and lessons for us!

In Singapore, I have seen students who lost their relatives in last earthquake. I am very sorry about this, but I think there should be lessons for us in such disasters.  Is'nt any cheap and easy way to reinforce building in the face of earthquakes? I hope such disasters make researchers concentrate on such important topics.

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