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Transient Thermal Stresses

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How to calculate nodal velocity for 2D domian from the calculated Pressure head


I have suceeed in making a code for water flow in unsaturated  media by using FAESOR, I am having a trouble in calculating the velocity from this nodal pressure in x and z direction. Flux equation is  Q =  K(nabla) (Ψ+1).. (I did not find the symbole for nabla in your symbols for writing the BODY).

For this I use  Flux = ((Ns{j})'*((HYC* (Jac * w(j)))*Ndersp')')',,, where HYC is the similar to Hydraulic conductivity similar to heat conductivity.

Above formula gives me Flux, a array having two elements, 

Heat flux per unit area due to frictional dissipation (ABAQUS)

Hi all

I have a 2D model containing 2 2-D blocks rubbing on each other, producing heat at the interface. (Coupled temperature-displacement analysis in ABAQUS 6.8-1). This works fine, as the temperature on the contact surfaces in increasing.

Now, I want to get the instantaneous the heat flux per unit area due to frictional dissipation as a field output. Is there any standard subroutine or any other way to achieve that? There is no such a variable included in the standard ones.


Thermal Stress Analysis

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Hi Everyone,

 I am new to Abaqus. I am working on a research topic where in I need to study the transient thermal stresses, strains arised due to heating a body by thermal radiation.  From the user's manual I understood that I need to use "Sequentially coupled thermal-stress analysis" for my model.

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Heat Simulation and Analysis of a Railway tunnel

hello eve1,

i m facing some problem while trying to mesh a horse shoe type structure,  when i define the element type as solid 8 node 70 (brick8 node 70) it gives me error saying cannot apply coz it violaets the ASME code or some hting like that....plz help me out wiht what element type has to be defined for the HORSE SHOE type structure...............or whether to define the semi-circular portion seperately (with wat typr ) and the bottom portion seprate.

Transient Thermal Stresses

Dear All

I am studying on thermal stresses analysis, however I have a problem here and need helps.

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