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Thermal stresses

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Geometric nonlinear thermoelasticity and the time evolution of thermal stresses

In this paper we formulate a geometric theory of nonlinear thermoelasticity that can be used to calculate the time evolution of the temperature and thermal stress fields in a nonlinear elastic body. In particular, this formulation can be used to calculate residual thermal stresses. In this theory the material manifold (natural stress-free configuration of the body) is a Riemannian manifold with a temperature-dependent metric. Evolution of the geometry of the material manifold is governed by a generalized heat equation.

Residual stresses in elastic medium upon uniform cooling

Hi All,

I am a student working on a project involving the effect of residual stresses in elastic and viscoealstic materials. I have a related question: When an easltic body is heated to a certain temperature (say 400 deg C) and then cooled uniformly to room temperature (20 deg C) with a constant cooling rate "q", does this generate any "un-desirable" (residual) stresses within the elastic body? i.e at a steady state - room temperature, does the final stress state within the body would be non-zero? Else, it would eventually reach a state of zero stresses? How?  

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Warpage prediction of laminated composite materials

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Can anybody recommend some papers/books that discuss how to caculate thermal induced warpage of lamianted composite materials? Paper/books with detial caculation/derivation process are preferred. Thanks a lot!

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A Geometric Theory of Thermal Stresses

In this paper we formulate a geometric theory of thermal stresses.
Given a temperature distribution, we associate a Riemannian
material manifold to the body, with a metric that explicitly
depends on the temperature distribution. A change of temperature
corresponds to a change of the material metric. In this sense, a
temperature change is a concrete example of the so-called
referential evolutions. We also make a concrete connection between
our geometric point of view and the multiplicative decomposition

Thermal Stress Analysis

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Hi Everyone,

 I am new to Abaqus. I am working on a research topic where in I need to study the transient thermal stresses, strains arised due to heating a body by thermal radiation.  From the user's manual I understood that I need to use "Sequentially coupled thermal-stress analysis" for my model.

Stresses in Elastic Materials in Non-uniform Cooling

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I am having confusions about the concepts of thermal stresses of an un-constrained elastic body when heated/cooled.

Let's say if I have an elastic body of an arbitrary geometry. If I subject it to a uniform temperature change without any constraints, then there will no thermal stresses at the end of the analysis. I guess I am right till here.

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