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composite material

Please suggest good books for nonlinear FEM and mechanics of composite materials


For my project I need to learn nonlinear finite element method (FEM) and composite materials. I am familier with linear FEM. Please suggest me good book for nonlinear FEM which will have good explanation of the subject. Also, please suggest book on composite materials especially having lot of solved examples. I know there are lots of experts in this subject on imechanica, so please give me some suggestions. Thanks. 


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Warpage prediction of laminated composite materials

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Can anybody recommend some papers/books that discuss how to caculate thermal induced warpage of lamianted composite materials? Paper/books with detial caculation/derivation process are preferred. Thanks a lot!

PhD scholarship for the research of composite materials

There is an opening for students who want to join a PhDcourse or combined master + PhD course (Going to directly Ph.D. course without master thesis afterB.S.) in Department of Aerospace Engineering, GyeongsangNational University, South Korea.

The successful candidate will do research under the adviseof Prof. Jin-Hwe Kweon in Structure and Composite Lab. Prof. Kweon researchareas include testing and finite element analysis of:

How to model a composite material in ansys

Hi forum members i want to model any composite materials in ansys software. For modeling a composite material in ansys what are the elements i should choose and the material properties i should give for the composite. Please help me. Thanks.

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Time for registration for "Interface Design of Polymer Matrix Composites - Mechanics, Chemistry, Modelling and Manufacturing"

The programme for the 28th Risø International Symposium on Materials Science has now been finalized (see ).

 The Symposium is held at Risø National Laboratory, The Technical University of Denmark, 3-6 September 2007. 

 To sign up for the conference, please register up via the Symposium homepage:  


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