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Effect of Loading on Slipping of Crystal Planes

We know when a metal is subjected to proper loading, there exists plastic strain. A great part of plastic strain is developed from the slipping of the crystal planes of that metal in microstructure level. Now, when the load is uniaxial, it is simple to calculate the amount of shear strain acts on that plane. But, when the load is not uniaxial, the life is harder. It is very hard to calculate which slip plane feels how much shear strain.

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Deformation of FCC Nanowires by Twinning and Slip

We present atomistic simulations of the tensile and compressive loading of single crystal FCC nanowires with <100> and <110> orientations to study the propensity of the nanowires to deform via twinning or slip.  By studying the deformation characteristics of three FCC materials with disparate stacking fault energies (gold, copper and nickel), we find that the deformation mechanisms in

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