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contact analytical rigid surface

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How to model the Torsion of a bar in abaqus with displacement control?


I have a bar with an analytical rigid surface attached at the free end with a RP at the centre of it. I am applying a rotational BC of UR3 = 0.017 (1 deg) with respect to the Z axis, but the resulting rotation at the end of the bar is more than 1 degree. Any idea why? Or how to have a full control of the twist of the bar? Also the bar deforms in shape where the end at which the twist is applied expands, making this cross-section bigger (clearly no the deformation expect for torsion). Input file attached in a word doc. 

REFERENCE POINT of analytical rigid surface, specialist in ABAQUS CAE Explicit contact, please help

Hello everybody,

I simulate the indentation test with ABAQUS CAE, the indenter is simulated as rigid body analytical surface. I also created reference point, but when i submit the job, there is a mistake:


The rigid part instance Part-2-1 is missing a reference point. Either assign a reference point to the corresponding part or include the entire part in a rigid body constraint.

I think i have done everything properly but it doesn't work. if you need i can send you my code.

I am looking forward to your answer.


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