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NNIN/C at Michigan

NNIN/C Computational Cluster at U-M open to researchers

The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network’s computational project (NNIN/C) is a multi-university initiative, funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) as part of NNIN, to establish a user accessible national computing resource for nanotechnology. This network is open to the academic and industrial research community and provides hardware resources and simulation tools dedicated to nanoscience

COMSOL Microfluidics Workshop @ NNIN/C, Michigan


A recording from the Microfluidics Workshop at NNIN/C, University of Michigan.

Slides from the presentation can be downloaded from the webpage below


Hands-On Microfluidics Simulation Workshop.

The NNIN/C at the University of Michigan will be hosting a free Workshop
entitled ” Comsol Hands-on Workshop on Microfluidic Devices “.

In this Workshop, we will focus on COMSOL’s Microfluidics Module
which encompasses easy-to-use tools for the study of microfluidic
devices. Important applications include simulations of lab-on-a-chip
devices, digital microfluidics, electrokinetic and magnetokinetic
devices, inkjets, and micro-pumps.

MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow

The NNIN at the University of Michigan will be hosting a presentation on
” MEMS Virtual Prototyping for Debugging Your Process Flow.”, which
will be broadcast live as a web based seminar.

The Webinar will be webcast live from 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EDT on 25th September, 2012. 

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