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Model steel phase change and residual strain and stress using abaqus


Hi, I'm a Mechanical Engineering student and I need to learn how to create a simulation of the martensitic transformation as a result of quenching of steel using Abaqus.

I'm just trying to get as much information as I can on my own but I want to ask for some advise; at this time what I have found is that I may need to use some Abaqus user subroutines as UMAT or VUMAT ir order to succed on the simulation but I want to know if theres any other way to avoid using them.


 hello everyone.


iam devarajan.k currently pursuring M.Tech in Engineering Design in Amrita University and doing projects on hot rolling of thick plates.For FEm simulation iam using ABAQUS software. After material rolled, i want to quench that material into water or some other material. i dont know how to do this in abaqus. please guide me if any one know this. please


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