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dynamic explicit

Abaqus dynamic explicit contact issue

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I'm trying to conduct a drop test analysis in abaqus where i have modeled a freely falling body as rigid with given mass  under gravity, the deformable body is to be analyzed as body inclines and falls on it but while viewing results it is observed that deformable body develop stress prior coming in contact with rigid, and stress is develped without contact. Please let me know how to solve this issue.

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A common general contact with penalty and normal "hard contact" behaviour in all bodies is appllied in dynamic step.

Dynamic Explicit Analysis step.

Quasi Static Analysis of concrete filled tubes

Hi guys, I’m trying to apply on ABAQUS to do my MSc thesis, which is about a non linear buckling analysis of concrete filled tubes. In other words, I have to model on abaqus some compression tests of tubes filled with concrete, including initial deformations, contact properties and at the end load eccentricities. I read that to perform a quasi static analysis with nonlinearities the best way is the Dynamic Explicit Analysis, so I’m reading about that but unfortunately I have some doubts.

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Reply--Abaqus quasi-static induced numerical damping

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The damping ratio, used in quasi-static problems, such as sheet forming, stamping, forging, is that role, b, shown in the following equation


For the problems mentioned above, the value of b is about 0.1.  if dynamic explicit method is employed, the simulation may encounters steady problem, while convergence problem for implicit method employed.  I think, you can search some articles on damping in sheet metal forming, then you will understand the effect of this damping ratio.

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