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j integral and stress intensity factor

Line Spring elements errors

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Hello, All

***Problem ***

Failure pressure for Steam generator tube having 2 axial cracks. I am following one paper in that paper they found failure pressure by finding J and K values for line spring elements for different pressure. The pressure at which it approach material JIC(92N/mm) and KIC(65Mpa*sqrt(m)) value is considered as failure pressure or coalescence pressus


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j integral and stress intensity factor relation


Dear all,

We all know that J can be calculated by J=1/E(KI^2+KII^2).

but how to calculate the KI and KII from J.

I facing this pronlem as Abaqus can only calculated J integral for epfm, but I need the KI and KII as I only got K threshold and KIC for the material.

 Thank You


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