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Reversible cyclic deformation mechanism of gold nanowires by twinning–detwinning transition evidenced from in situ TEM

Reversible deformation of metal nanowires accommodating large strains by twinning-detwinning


In situ studies of deformation in metal nanowires have yielded interesting results, as recently published in Nature Communications. An international research team performed cyclic loading on gold nanowires and observed twinning and detwinning phenomena, respectively caused by tensile and compressive loading, and elucidate the underpinning mechanism by molecular dynamics simulations.

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Size & Strain Rate MD Study on Metallic Nanowires

Thank you for your interest shown in my previously posted work.  Here's a post-print for an article of an extension to my previous work.  Extension in the sense that the MD simulation was performed on "larger" metallic nanowires (2.0 nm to 6.0 nm), and the behavior of gold (Au) nanowires were studied.  The mechanism behind strain-induced amorphization was explained and the phenomenon of multiple necking was observed, implying the presence of "localized" amorphization instead of a "globalized" one observed in shorter nanowires.

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