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simulations in materials

Interetsed topics include:

  • Material Point Method, eXtended Finite Element Method, and other mesh-free methods;
  • Combined atomistic and continuum simulations;
  • Multiscale homogenization.

Links to other blogs:

A spectral decomposition problem

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This post is both a question and a test how well Latex2HTML performs. The algebra might be useful for students who are starting off in the field. Please go through the details and comment on the question at the end of the post.

Lecture 11 & 12

Buckling delamination, with two slides on 1D vonKarman plates.

What's wrong with the way we learn Applied Mechanics?

I was reading professor Zhigang Suo's post titled "What's Wrong with Applied Mechanics", thinking about the large amount of knowledge available. There are so many applications of mechanics that they seem endless in any subfield that one can think of. It made me recall some homework problems that wanted to include real life applications. However, real life applications tend to turn out much more complicated than what can be covered in one homework problem.

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materials of engineering laboratory

In the spring semester of 2002, Dr. Woldesenbet and I gave a hand-on laboratory course: Materials of Engineering Laboratory, to the junior undergraduate students at the Louisiana State University. In this Blog, I am also adding some state-of-the-art techniques for materials laboratory.

Class schedule: 

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"iMechanica",Promotes the "Education"??

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Let's contribute in a bit more educational topic!! If I want to mention two unique properties of the iMechanica, I can say iMechanica is a place where an alive discussion about popular topics of the mechanics going on every day and non stop. So this improves new ideas and as a consequence build some platforms for future research topics in the mechanics world. For me as an student, there is another beneficial and that is some courseworks or lecture notes which I download regularly. These handouts prepared by very expert scientists and are so useful. I appreciate this activities and I am very grateful to all people who also update the educational part of the webpage. Here is a new topic which with your help and comments can improve this part more and give it serious role to play here. Would you write about the summer schools which you are going to have in your universities and institutes located all over the world this summer? The summer schools is a point of interest among all students, specially if the topic will be about mechanics, modelling and simulation, nanomechanics and specially biomechanical issues. Also I will be very pleased if you will recommend the conferences you are going to hold or you like to introduce to student's section. That is another point which will be very useful. I am sure that it will be interesting for other members also. I am waiting for all your helps and news about "summer schools" and other "educational activities" running by you or your universities. I wish you all the best. Thank you.   

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GEM4 Summer School on Cell & Molecular Mechanics in Biomedicine 2007, Singapore - 25 June to 6 July 2007

Dear friends and colleagues,

We will be organizing a GEM4 Summer School on Cell & Molecular Mechanics in Biomedicine (with a focus on Cancer) at the National University of Singapore from 25 June to 6 July 2007. It will also be held in conjunction with the GEM4 Conference on Cancer to be held from 1 to 6 July 2007.

es 246 project:plane strain extrusion- slip line field solution vs.FEM solution

hi Nanshu Lu,

i'm savita jain. i have project some what related to your topic. can i have results of your final coparision of slip line and FEM solutions.please let me know about any progress in your work.

Stress or strain: which one is more fundamental?

In between stress and strain, which one is the more fundamental physical quantity? Or is it the case that each is defined independent of the other and so nothing can be said about their order? Is this the case?

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Poroelasticity, or migration of matter in elastic solids

A sponge is an elastic solid with connected pores. When immersed in water, the sponge absorbs water. When a saturated sponge is squeezed, water will come out. More generally, the subject is known as diffusion in elastic solids, or elasticity of fluid-infiltrated porous solids, or poroelasticity. The theory has been applied to diverse phenomena. Here are a few examples.

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an interesting puzzle: multiscale mechanics

an interesting puzzle for fun:

Lame’s classical solution for an elastic 2D plate, with a hole of radius a and uniform tensile stress applied at the far field, gives a stress concentration factor (SCF) of two at the edge of the hole. This SCF=2 is independent of the hole radius.

Consider what happened to this concentration factor if the radius a approaches infinitely small. The SCF is independent of a, so it remains equal to two even when the hole disappears.

eXtended Finite Element Method: Short Course Notes

I taught a short course some time ago on the eXtended Finite Element Method, and thought many people would find the notes useful.  

So I've posted them here, in .mov format (as exported with the Apple software keynote).  The advantage of this format is that, when you click on one of the .mov files, it should open a separate browser.  Clicking in the window will advance the slide. This way you see all the movies, etc, as well as the sequence as it appears when I gave the talk.  There is a way to add audio to this format as well - something I may pursue in the future.  

Second XFEM short course, July 2007, Lausanne, Switzerland

After the success of the course in 2005 (45 participants from 15 countries), the EPFL school of continuing education presents the second XFEM course.

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NYT Article "The Ultimate Distance Learning"

I stumbled on this article in the NY Times "The Ultimate Distance Learning" (free registration required to view) about the establishment of University distance learning activities within the Second Life online community.

Helpful Math for Continuum Mechanics

If you would like a copy of my lecture notes (on matrix algebra, indicial notation, vectors, tensors, vector calculus, groups, curvilinear coordinates and calculus of variations) they are available at

Systematization Schemes for Mechanics and Concept Maps

1. Introductory

Recently, there has been some active discussion on topics like:
-- Open-source textbooks
-- Comparing lecture notes
-- Unification of mechanics
-- Wikipedia and Citizendium

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iMechanica and Citizendium - the perfect union?

Most visitors/users of iMehanica will be aware of Wikipedia. Well, there is a new project of this kind underway. To quote from its "mission statement":

Notes on Fracture of Thin Films and Multilayers

Lecture note of fracture mechanics of thin films and multilayers given at the Technical University of Denmark.

Reproducing Kernel Methods

I am working in the field of microfluidics. I wish apply Reproducing Kernel Method to solve flow problems. Can anybody help me to send the paper "Reproducing Kernel Methods ", Wing Kam Liu, Sukky Jun, Yi Fei Zhang, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids, Vol.

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Size of Compact support and nodal density

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I wish to ask

1) How to decide optimal size of domain of inlfuence in EFGM

2) How many nodes should be there in Domain of inlfuence

3) What is the optimal location. or can they be any location

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Optimal Nodal Locations in Mesh Free Methods

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  1. How random should be the distribution of nodes in element free galerkin method?
  2. How can we decide if a given nodal distribution is optimal discretization?  In case we are using movin
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Some write-ups in mechanics

My googling today brought me to this treasure trove of write-ups in mechanics:

This site contains informal (usually rough draft) technical notes and tutorials on topics in mechanics. The sophistication is at the first or second year graduate level. These write-ups include:


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