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Does a radially expanding cylinder bend?

 The Koiter-Sanders-Budiansky bending strain measure and a nonlinear generalization

 We know from strength of materials that non-uniform stretching of fibers along the cross section of a beam produces bending moments. But does this situation necessarily correspond to a 'bending' deformation? For that matter, what do we exactly mean kinematically when we talk about a bending deformation?

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Review of a few "Unified" Viscoplasticity Models (Motivated by solder deformation)

I had prepared this document for a class project, the level is introductory and the selection of models is motivated by solder deformation, but I hope it is of some help. I have examined four models, proposed by Hart, Anand, Krempl and Busso. The document has 16 pages.


PS: This is a wonderful website!!! 

Derivatives of the invariants of a tensor

When you first start learning finite deformation plasticity, you will run into a plastic flow rate $ \ensuremath{\boldsymbol{d}}_p$ that can be derived from a flow potential $ \phi$ such that 

A general discussion on the undergraduate course on Strength of Materials

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Most departments of Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Aerospace Engineering have a required course called variably "Strength of Materials", "Introduction to Solid Mechanics", etc.  In most departments, the content of the coure is mainly about static, elastic deformation of rods, shafts, beams and columns.  It might be a good idea to share your thoughts on this course. 

Isochromatic of Mode II Crack Tip Stress Field

I am looking for a high resolution isochromatic photograph showing the
Mode II stress field around a stationary crack.  Any help on

Seek for suggestions!

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            我是武汉科技大学力学专业04级的本科生, 现在我也准备报考研究生了,力学的方向比较宽泛让人有些迷惑,不知道到底报考 哪个方向比较合适,比较能发挥自己的特长.

Method of Manufactured Solutions

Nowadays, we often use the tools of computational analysis in engineering design. For the results of such analyses to be believable, the tools that are used have to pass rigorous tests. There are two categories of tests involved:

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We must not forget to teach the fundamentals

An interesting blog discussion on the disappearance of fundamentals from teaching in Universities was brought to my attention.  It serves as an interesting reminder that we who are educators in the University system must be ever vigilent in planning mechanics curricula and changes to curriculum.  Should we be offering courses in the area of this month's jClub, "Nanomechanics"?  Should we drop classical courses that have stopped being interesting to the majority of students (and thus attract low numbers)?  Should we educate students explicitly in biomechanics without providing them a classical mechanics background?  These are the questions we are likely to face in the next few years as change continues to sweep across the university system, especialy in the US but elsewhere as well.  I believe that we as a community have a responsibility here to ensure that the high standards of the discipline are maintained through teaching of fundamentals and the passing along of these values to future generations!

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GEM4 Summer School on Cell & Molecular Mechanics in Biomedicine 2007 - NUS, Singapore

 GEM4 Summer School 2007 on Cell & Molecular Mechanics in Biomedicine (with a focus on Cancer)

25 June to 6 July 2007

weight function for finding out the stress Intensity factors

Good evening Everyone,

I have some confusion regarding reference frame and origin point while dealing with concept of weight function in fracture mechanics.

Please check the attached file for complete details.



Ratnesh khandelwal

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Four node beam element

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As part of a university assignement I have to develop a four node beam element capable to account for shear deformation and thermal loads. I have to perform static plus natural vibration modes analysis.

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Loading problems in simulate crack propagation with cohesive element

Hi all:

When I simulate a crack propagate along interface between film and substrate with cohesive element, different load-deflection curves of film were achieved when I applied load or displacement on film, respectively.  I think it should achieve same results regardless which kind of load I selected.  Please help me find what’s wrong with my simulation.

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i need ansys workbench drop test module tutorial

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hi all,

i need ansys 10 workbench drop test module tutorial for impact analysys.

if any one having it please send to me

drop test in ansys ls-dyna

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i am sunil kumar , this is my very first letter to this forum .

i am working on ansys-lsdyna drop test module , please if any one working on that module respond to me . i am dropping a aluminium block on to a rigid surface from 1.5m height , i need to get out put acceleration around (37000 m/s2) but i am getting too high as (250000 m/s2) in vertical direction at the time of impact .

Virginia Tech shootings take away two mechanicians

During the shootings occurred on the campus of Virginia Tech, the department of engineering science and mechanics lost two fine professors. Dr. Liviu Librescu was teaching solid mechanics class when the gunman initiated a two-minute massacre next door. Most of the students in his class escaped from the windows while Dr. Librescu held the door and did not survive when the gunman broke in. Another professor is Dr. Kevin Granata.

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jianhao chen

Hi, I'm a Physics grad student working with Dr. Ellen Williams. My job is basically making nanoelectronic devices, measuring their characteristics and trying to understand the underlying "Physics".

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Locating Journal Article

I was working on the problem set for and on question 16 and 17 refers to a paper by Charalmbides, Lund, Evans and McMeeking entitled 

"A Test Specimen for Determining the Fracture Resistance of Bimaterial Interfaces." (1989)

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Course announcement: "Fracture Mechanics & Complexity Sciences"

Enclosed please find the announcement of a Short Course on FRACTURE MECHANICS & COMPLEXITY SCIENCES taught by Alberto Carpinteri at the University of Pisa (Italy) on April 11-13, 2007.

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Innovation and Integration in the Changing Global Higher Education Landscape

I’m delighted that mechanicians now have this platform to discuss our work as well as share ideas and perspectives. While we advance knowledge in our field and come up with innovative solutions for engineering and materials problems, I believe that we also have a responsibility to speak on issues of global significance, especially where the power of science and technology can be harnessed to address challenges and issues impacting the world.

Free screen capture softwares for Win and Mac users

I'm writing this post cause it took me much time to find some free softwares that can record activities from screen for Windows and Mac systems. I use both OS at office and lab.

I'm doing some experiments. One is to measure the deformation of microcapsules, both loading curves and deforming capsules via a light microscope displaying on the screen; another is to observe the movement of nano/microcapsules in a cell. For both cases everything is displayed on the screen. I want to record them for kind of live show without using any external recorder and then converting clips.


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