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Postdoc Opening in Computational Materials Science at Rutgers University

The microMechanics of Deformation Research Group (mMOD) in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at Rutgers University is seeking a Post-Doctoral Associate to participate in a pair of collaborative projects with a Department of Energy National Laboratory. The projects are focused on using discrete dislocation dynamics (DDD) simulations to understand dislocation patterning in deformed metals, and molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to understanding crack initiation in hydrogen-affected steels.

Cracking of the concrete cover due to reinforcement corrosion

Dear all,

 Our paper titled "Cracking of the concrete cover due to reinforcement corrosion: A two-dimensional lattice model study"
 has just been published in Construction and Building Materials. It deals with numerical modelling of cracking of the concrete cover as a consequence of reinforcement corrosion, based on the Delft lattice model framework. Registered subscribers can download the article at:

characteristic Length



is there a way to get the characteristic length of one element? I wanna calculate xult (when the element is cracked, fracutred..). 

 I use the concrete damage plasticity model and after reaching the tensile strength i assume a linear softening with fracture energy.


Input are:

   Young´s modulus

   max. tensile strength

   fracture energy



   when do i reach xult or what is the plastic strain equivalent

First article of new Open Access Journal Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis available on ScienceDirect

Case Studies in Engineering Failure Analysis is now officially launched with its first papers now awailable  on Science Direct: Cracking of underground welded steel pipes caused by HAZ sensitization

Smeared Cracking Model in ABAQUS

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I am trying to analyse a beam subject to elevated temperature using smeared cracking model for concrete. Its sequentially coupled thermal stress analysis. I am a newbie as far as ABAQUS is concerned. Can someone please help me out with the smeared cracking model. I am not able to figure the tension stiffening properties that I need to enter. Please help.

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