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post doct.

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How can i make post doc. in another country?

How can i follow post doc positions available in europe or america? 


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stress singularity and stress relationship

Dear All 

Williams analysis is well known for stress singularity. Actually when we are analysing the stress distributions between two diffrent configuration which is given below ,based on the stress singularity, I got a the order of stress singularity is directly related with the stress. (we can get the relationship using equation) however if i want to explain to a student who never come across with applied mechanics. How can we explain to him in very simple and understandable manner.   

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New Book - Mechanics of Microelectronics

You may want to take a look of this newly published book entitled Mechanics of Microelectronics, which is

Series: Solid Mechanics and Its Applications , Vol. 141

Springer, May 2006

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mapped meshing model having a crack in ansys

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i am student of M tech 2nd year and working on fracture mechanics one of the problems i am encoutaring is that my model is a rectangular plate and having a central hole with a crack now problem is that i can not mapped mesh the model in ansys can anyone tell me how to map meshed the model.



zoeb lakdawala

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Instructional Design and Technology

Some topics on instructional design and technology may benefit iMechanica.

• New possibilities and proven practices: teaching with blogs, wikis, and discussion boards
• Critical approaches to teaching with technology
• Teaching with podcasts
• Designing and developing e-learning materials: when and where should teachers invest in design
• Multimedia: value, depth and access to other learning styles
• Supporting teaching and learning with mobile technologies
• The art of supporting educational technology: opportunities & challenges

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parallel computing and future

I am new to parralel computing and trying learn basic. wat are the languages can we use for coding in parallel computing. Can any one give me an example for this. Any resource link will do?

Tks in advance

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HI all

     I am Karthikeyan pursuing my
M.S in Rotating Machinery Design. Its high time for me to take up the
project. So I decided to take my project in Fracture or Fatigue. I am
interested in Thermal fiels also. So I would like to do my project in
Thermal Fatigue fracture side. So I would like to get your suggestions
and some topics to take out work.

    I am
interested in coding also so if anybody give guidelines to develop an
element for this analysis then I will be grateful for them.


With Regards

Hypoelastic-plasticity with logarithmic spin

In small strain elastoplasticity we start off with an additive decomposition of the total strain into elastic and plastic parts. In terms of strain rates we write

$\displaystyle \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}} = \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}_e} + \dot{\ensuremath{\boldsymbol{\varepsilon}}_p}.<br />

Derivative of Logarithmic Strain

Some of you probably work on problems that involve moderately large strains. An useful strain measure for such problems in the logarithmic or Hencky strain. In particular, if you deal with the numerics of large strain simulations, you will often need to compute the material time derivatives of logarithmic strains.

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Natural Frequencies for all elements in the Periodic table.


I am interested to know the natural frequencies of elements in the periodic table. I made some attempt to reveal this information but surprisingly ended with nothing. Perhaps I  did not search hard. Does anyone know about the natural frequencies of elements in periodic table.



-Ashfaq Adnan

Doctoral Candidate, School of Aero and Astro, Purdue University, Indiana


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Abaqus CAE with dynamic explicit/implict

I want to get the stress value in the roller of a hot/cold worked plate. Both the roller and the plate are defrormable 2D shell model. The change in the thickness of the plate is 0.05mm once the plate  passes throguh the rolees.I am trying to use dynamic explicitt in the step process. PLease advice me wat are the other factors i have to input for the dynamic explicit process. I am having some more input for the roller and the plate velocity.

Please advice me or just ask me for further input. Thanks for your mehaniciams feed back.


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Question regarding applicability of J-integral in LEFM

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I am a Student of 2 year M. Tech. studying in S. V. National Institute of Technology, Surat. My name is Zoeb K Lakdawala. My topic for disseration is ''Implemenation of Fracture Mechanics on Pressure Vessels". In my disseration I want to develop a code on fracture mechanics and compare it with standard Packages like ANSYS & ABAQUS


However, going through the books I have found that in

1. Plane Strain Mode the thickness of the material is very high

Lecture notes of interest to mechanicians

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Introductory Mechanics of Materials/Material Behavior

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An e-book on engineering fracture mechanics

Here is an e-book on Engineering Fracture Mechanics ; you can also download a demo version, the preface, and other related stuff from the page. The idea of the book (as described in the page) sounds interesting:

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Physical Interpretation of Strain decomposition

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Heart geodesic

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I would like to ask if anyone work about geodesic in the left human ventricle. If Yes, I wanted to ask what is the role of the geodesic.

Thank You for all answers.

Michael Borowicz


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I teach Materials Science to undergraduate engineering students. We devote 2 or 3 lectures on Fracture where we mainly introduce Griffith's formula and the stress intensity formula. I face a difficulty in reconciling the two which I would lke to present here.

The Griffiths equation gives the fracture stress s for a given crack size c:

s=sqrt[2 E g/ (p c)] (1)

The stress concentration formula gives the max stress at the crack tip as

s=s0 [1+2 sqrt (c/r)] (2)

damage mechanics

Hi , I am a  working on a project of  Continuum Damage mechanics in Composite . But  I do not have much idea about Damage mechanics . I am getting lot of diffculites to understand this topic .

   So please  anyone let me know any basic literature, lecture notes where I can find all basic information about Damage mechanics .

Thanks in Advance,




Cell mechanics workshop at University of Illinois with NSF fellowships

Apply for NSF fellowships to attend 1-week long workshop on cell mechanics, July 31-Aug 3, 2007.


Check out

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Computational Solid Mechanics Summer School: 26 Aug - 1 Sep 2007, Glasgow UK

Mathematical Modelling & Computational Methods in Solid Mechanics

26th August - 1st September 2007

University of Glasgow

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Does a radially expanding cylinder bend?

 The Koiter-Sanders-Budiansky bending strain measure and a nonlinear generalization

 We know from strength of materials that non-uniform stretching of fibers along the cross section of a beam produces bending moments. But does this situation necessarily correspond to a 'bending' deformation? For that matter, what do we exactly mean kinematically when we talk about a bending deformation?


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