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Mechanics is really cool

hello fellow and future engineers/mechanicians i just want to say that I think mechanics is really cool and especially taught by Henry Tan! I hope this gets me a few points ;-)

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Heisenberg Model and Ising Model

when we talk about magnetism, we use Ising Model or Heisenberg model

if possible can you give me some suggestion about these two model for (one dimensional, two dimensional)

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Teaching Mechnical Engineering in iMechanica is an Engineering topic or an Education one, or even a Management Strategy

To Henry and All,

To Henry and All,Regarding to Henry's distinguish idea about Teaching Mechanics in iMechanica, I am wondering is it an Mechanical topic or an Education one, or even a Management Strategy? The same phenomenon does not only exist in Mechanics education but also in all engineering fields.   

Why we struggle Engineering teaching?


can anyone sove this?


This is 2 problems can anyone sove?

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Congratulations to launch of SEAS

I just read Teng Li's entry regarding the launch of SEAS at Harvard.  Thanks for posting this interesting information!  

On this occasion, I'd also like express my congratulations to Harvard
University in launching the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
(SEAS) last week!  It is terrific that the engineering science community in the Boston area is thriving and developing.  Best of luck, and looking forward to fruitful interactions in the future!  

Markus Buehler of MIT

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ES 240 (Fall 2007) Homework 1-5

This problem set is due on Friday, Sep. 28, 2007 in class.

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ES 240 (Fall 2007) Lecture Notes - Elements of Elasticity

The lecture notes are prepared by Prof. Joost Vlassak based on a set of course notes put together by Prof. Suo when he taught ES 240 in 2006, as well as on course notes developed by Prof. Vlassak for ES 246.

Please see attached. 

Abaqus user element

I am working on finite element formulation of thermopiezoelectric shell element. i want to incorporate it in Abaqus software as a project work. i would like to know how to add the new element in can i add? Pls do help

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using iMechanica in teaching Engineering Mechanics

New Grading System posted 

Why iMechanica?

iMechanica is an appropriate website for teaching/learning Engineering Mechanics for the following reasons:

Another "straightforward" calculation

Following Andy's recommendation I have been reading Ellis Dill's Continuum Mechanics[1]. In page 75 of the book, we find the
well known result that the constitutive equation for an isotropic hypoelastic
material can be derived from a stored energy function only if

$\displaystyle \lambda + \mu = 0<br />


The efficiency of turbines

Hello students (and also others) at iMechanica,

Last weekend, while channel browsing on TV, I happened to notice a documentary on the Hoover dam (in the US). It showed a number of jets of water, huge ones, forcefully springing forth out of the rock faces just downstream of the dam. These were the water jets coming off the electricity generation plant of the dam, *after* their job of generating electricity was already over.

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Graduate students and publishing

I just stumbled on this very interesting discussion on why science graduate students should publish, regardless of their later career intentions.  I agree with the author on most points, but believe it really comes down to two things: (1) if you aren't going to communicate your results (both good and bad!) then you might as well have not bothered to do the work, and (2) becoming a good writer is a skill that every technical person will need in any career.

modelling of friction welding process using abaqus

I am a postgraduate student studying in india.I am doing my project in friction welding . I have to create a finite element model of friction welding process and then simulate it to get the shortening distance.I am new to ABAQUS so help me by sening the procedure for creating a finite element model of friction welding process and then simulating it .

My E-mail address is


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Theoretical Notes (ALE)

 I need some detailed informations about topics below:
 Single material ALE
 -Advection schemes
 -Mesh smoothing algorithms
 Multi-material ALE
 -Volume fraction weighted stress
 -Interface reconstruction
 -Moving mesh techniques
 -Constraint based method
 -Penalty based method
Can anybody help me?

Thanks alot


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MACE-11010 Engineering Mechanics

You are always welcome to visit my office (B14/Pariser), call (0161 306 8970), or email (

Grading System

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Interesting Material: d3o

I came across this web page recently, and it talks about a novel product d3o that can control impact effects by adjusting molecular structure in case of shock loads. If this material becomes a regular apparel material, we may see many Jackie Chans in the future. The material is d3o.

Visit this page to learn more about this material, This is not a SPAM.

I don't know if you guys knew of this. I guess you do. Is this material really the way it is advertised, or some boasting included?

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Looking for suggestions and comments on PhD research Project

Dear Researchers and Industry Engineers, 

In this letter I am looking for some comments and industrial supports for my PhD research on non-contact measurement for machinery maintenance.

coupling between plasticity and damage

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hello all,

 I am Nilesh and doing
study of Continuum damage mechanics, in that context, I have some doubt s

     Can anyone tell

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Sih's Strain Energy Density Approach in Fracture - why is it not very popular?

Most fracture classes and texts focus on the following different approaches: Griffith's energy approach, Irwin's stress intensity factor approach, the Barenblatt-Dugdale strip yield model (and subsequently, cohesive zone modeling) and Rice's J-Integral approach. As a graduate student studying fracture mechanics, I have often wondered why there seems to be very little discussion in the community with regard to Sih's strain energy density approach. Are there any fundamental limitations to the approach or are there "other" reasons behind this? Your thoughts are appreciated.


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