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Soft Solids

I thought that your readership might be interested in a textbook that I recently published entitled "Soft Solids: A primer the the mechanics of materials." It is geared for the senior-masters level student.

New Text on Engineering Mechanics (Strength of Materials)


After many years of teaching elementary mechanics and being unhappy with the high price of existing texts and their tendency to lead students into a game of pattern matching as opposed to thinking about fundamentals, I decided to assemble my lectures into a book.  So if you are looking for something different and concise on this topic you may wish to have a look at this book.  The book is also well suited for use as a refresher due to its brevity.

Teaching FEM to Biologists/Medics


Could anyone recommend courses, online materials or text books that
would be suitable for teaching the finite element method to someone with
a non-engineering background. This request is on behalf of an MD
student wishing to use the FEM for modelling the wrist. We're initially
looking for introductory materials.

Best regards


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Mechanics of Materials: Textbook Recommendation

I will be teaching a sophomore level class  mechanics of materials class.  The class will cover mechanics of basic strength of materials (e.g. beams, pressure vessels), but I also want to teach basic elements of failure mechanics (fracture, fatigue, plasticity, and wear.)  I'm looking for a recommendation of an undergrad mechanics textbook that covers the fracture, fatigue, plasticity, and wear.  The students will have had a statics and mechanics class and their textbook already covers strength of materials.  Thanks.

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Nancomposite textbook for undergrads ? recommend me one.

Dear All,

I've got to start teaching a masters level programme on nanocomposites, well 7 lectures worth of one anyway. It will serve as an introduction to NCs and briefly review the current stat of the art.

I would like opinions on textbooks to accompany such a module.

Any of you had any good experiences with any particular books ?




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New (Free!) Solid Mechanics Textbook

I have posted an advanced solid mechanics textbook on

It works on Internet Explorer, but may not work on all browsers. Topics include: mathematical descriptions of deformation and forces in solids; constitutive laws; analytical techniques and solutions to linear elastic and elastic-plastic boundary value problems; the use and implementation of FEA; fracture mechanics; and the theory of deformable rods, plates and shells.

C.H. Wang, "Introduction to Fracture Mechanics"

Here is a link to a 1996 book by C.H. Wang on Fracture Mechanics from the DSTO Aeronautical and Maritime Research Laboratory in Melbourne.

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New Book "Tissue Mechanics"

A new book, "Tissue Mechanics" by SC Cowin and SB Doty is of potential interest to those from a classical mechanics background considering work in biomechanics. Downloadable versions of the first two chapters are available at the book's website along with a full table of contents and other supplemental information.

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