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Optical and Mechanical Properties of Self-Repairing Pectin Biopolymers

Pectin’s unique physicochemical properties have been linked to a variety of reparative and regenerative processes in nature. To investigate the effect of water on pectin repair, we used a 5 mm stainless-steel uniaxial load to fracture glass phase pectin films. The fractured gel phase films were placed on a 1.5–1.8 mm thick layer of water and incubated for 8 h at room temperature and ambient humidity. There was no immersion or agitation. The repaired pectin film was subsequently assessed for its optical and mechanical properties.

PhD vacancy (4 years) on computational mechanics of thick adhesive joints in large wind turbine blades

Over the last years, UGent-MMS has developed the stand-alone BladeMesher software for generating finite element models of large wind turbine blades. The software reads in the material data and airfoil data of the wind turbine blade, and automatically constructs the geometry and finite element mesh for the blade. In a next step, the nodal and element information of the finite element mesh is written out to an input file for a commercial finite element solver (Abaqus in this case).

Moisture absorption in adhesive

Dear all, 

Need Help.. 

I'm doing research in moisture absorption in adhesive bonding. I'm wondering how to differentiate and characterize the Fickian Diffusion and Non-Fickian Diffusion during absorption and desorption moisture.


Thank You 


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Need help: Relation between polymer end-to-end distance and mechanical properties


I found in polymer books and some literatures that mechanical properties of polymer improve with the increase of their radius of gyration or end-to-end distance for a fixed molecular weight. I, however, could not find any experimental evidence or any physical explanation. 

It will be a great help to me if anyone refer me some literatures that explains the connection between these two parameters.


Ashfaq Adnan

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