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Postdoc position available in Compuational Materials Modeling

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering in the College of Engineering at the University of North Texas (UNT) seeks highly qualified applicants for a postdoctoral researcher position in computational materials modeling. The successful candidate will work on multiscale modeling of defects and microstructures (e.g., dislocations, grain boundaries, etc), and damage and failure of materials to design and evaluate advanced superalloys for aerospace applications, as part of the federally-funded research program in the Institute for Science and Engineering Simulation (ISES).

orthotropic nonlinear viscoelasticity/creep in Ansys


 I would like to know if there is any chance to simulate orthotropic nonlinear viscoelasticity/creep of CFRP in ANSYS (e.g. by means of user programmable features (UMAT subroutines) or using the software DIGIMAT or others)? For the nonlinear part I would like to use Schapery's method.

 Many thanks for yor help!


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Creep Analysis in Abaqus

Hi all,

I want to FEA of normal tensile creep test using Abaqus. Can anyone suggest me some notes/books/literature.



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Abaqus Pin-on-disc Simulation problem

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Creep simulation - welded zones

I am trying to simulate creep damage in welded components in ABAQUS. I have four different sections in the same model assigned to four different materials. They are weld metal, base metal and Heat affected zones. I have to write a creep subroutine. For all the zones, creep equation is the same , but the parameters or constants change. i want to know how can I assign different parameters for different materials in the fortran source subroutine? what is the variable used for Material 1 , material 2 etc in standard ABAQUS?

Abaqus FE inputs

Dear All,

I'm trying to do creep analysis of thermoplastic in abaqus. just i want know the what are all the FE input required for creep analysis for abaqus(also how to get those data). Please who are worked on creep requested to share the information and its usefull for everyone.

Thanks and Regards


Ansys creep

Is there a place I can find explained examples or tutorials on how to model creep in ANSYS?

Time dependent vs Independent

In Computational mechanics, for rate(time) dependent calculations (eg. Creep, plasticity), when we say time step dt, does it mean physical time.

Can I think this way:

I start at time 0 and calculate stress, strain etc  after 1 sec, 2 sec, 3 sec..

Also, what exactly is strain rate? why do some books say ..'when a strain rate is applied'''..I'm confused..dont we just apply displacement or force all the time.

to model creep behavior in ABAQUS


I have different stress strain curves at different hours (1hr, 10hr, 100hr).  for a constant stress, the strain increases with increase in number of hours(creep)

They look like stress-strain curves at different strain rates.

now I want to define a material card with these curves with above mentioned number of hours.

I kindly request you to suggest me a CARD in ABAQUS which takes care of this behavior.

Thanks a ton for your help, in advance !


Jintegral and Umat subroutine

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