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Call for Abstracts SEM 2019: 'Shock & Blast'

Dear Colleagues,


We would like to invite you to submit an abstract for the ‘Shock & Blast’ session under Track 1: Dynamic Behavior of Materials. This symposium is part of the 2019 SEM Annual Conference & Exposition on Experimental and Applied Mechanics (Peppermill Resort Hotel, Reno NV, USA, June 3-6, 2019). 

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Dynamic compressive behaviour of cellular materials: a review of phenomenon, mechanism and modelling

Dynamic compressive behaviour of cellular materials is crucial to their applications in energy absorption, ballistic mitigation and blast/impact protection. The recent research progress in this subject has led to an improved understanding of the experimental, analytical and numerical observations. This review focuses on the aspects ofphenomena, mechanisms and modelling on the concerned subject.

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nt you consider relevant may also be submitted.

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blast in deep water


Dear all,
I am proud to present to i-mechanicians some recent work by my student Andreas Schiffer. We provide a new experimental technique and detailed analytical models to explore one-dimensional underwater blast problems in deep water.
Schiffer et al, 2012, The Response of Rigid Plates to Deep Water Blast: Analytical Models and Finite Element Predictions, J. App. Mech

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Engineering and Computational Mechanics papers free online until 5 Dec 2011

The following four papers have been selected by the Editorial Panel of
Engineering and Computational Mechanics
to be distributed free (until 5 December 2011):

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