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Webinar: Bringing Together SOLIDWORKS® CAD and Image Data with Simpleware Design Link

If you're working with image data and CAD, then I recommend checking out this upcoming webinar on linking Simpleware software and SOLIDWORKS on October 21st.

Details on how to register are here.



postdoc research position

University of Maryland School of Medicine

Location: Baltimore, MD

Job Description


The Artificial Organs Laboratory at the Department of Surgery of the University of Maryland seeks highly motivated individuals for one post-doctoral research associate positions in the following areas: blood compatibility and design/development of blood contacting medical devices.

Finite Element Model of the Knee

Hello Everyone,

I recently started to do a project on a FE knee model. Right now, the only available software for me is SolidWorks which was originally purchased for CAD modelling. I was wondering if anyone knows whether SolidWorks FE feature is "good enough" for analyzing a knee model (and for other tissues just in case), or you recommend me to push my supervisor to purchase a license of a "Real" FE software such as ABAQUS. If you have any experience of FE modelling of tissues,bone,etc. I would appreciate if you help me out.

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How to export Abaqus .inp file into CAD file (sOlidworks)

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Hello guys,

I have a model in in .inp Abaqus format. I need to modify the model and amend it using Solidworks. Anyone have an idea on how to do that. I just figure out by export it into STL file. When I opened it using Solidworks, I only can view the model. I cannot event draw or make some amendment on the model. Anyone have the same exoerience. Thank you 

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