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Elsevier's Authors' update 3rd Issue now available!

In this 3rd issue of Elsevier's Authors' Update, we're bringing you top tips to develop your career, and tools to help you publish ethically. We've also got the latest news from the UN-sponsored programme Research4Life and a new report on the challenges facing US research universities.  To access it, go to

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Postdoc position on multiaxial fatigue

A post-doc position is available at the VSB - Technical University Ostrava, Czech Republic on multiaxial fatigue. Because VSB-TUO is joint in our FADOFF project on validating multiaxial criteria ( and development of PragTic fatigue solver (, I expect a close cooperation with the successful applicant. The deadline for an electronic application is nevertheless very close - next Monday August 20, 2012. See the brief version ( and full version ( of the call - the position on multiaxial fatigue is K4.

Exhaust Manifolds to Medical Devices: 11 Examples of Success with Isight at the SCC

To download any of the 11 conference papers, click here: Note that a brief one-time registration is required, but it will provide you with access to the entire SIMULIA Learning Community.

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International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol. 4 No. 3

Forthcoming papers of International Journal of Applied Mechanics (IJAM) Vol.4 No.3:
1. “On The Large Strain Torsion Of HCP Polycrystals”,  P.D. Wu, H. Wang (Mcmaster University, Canada), K.W. Neale (University Of Sherbrooke, Canada).


extract from the ADDRESS OF H. A. ROWLAND J OF BALTIMORE,M, VICE-PRESIDENT OF SECTION B, AUG. 15, 1883. SCIENCE 1883, pp. 242-250

(Chinese translation at the end)


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Rupture of a highly stretchable acrylic dielectric elastomer (VHB)

Dielectric elastomer transducers are often subject to large tensile stretches and are susceptible to rupture. Here we carry out an experimental study of the rupture behavior of membranes of an acrylic dielectric elastomer (VHB 4905). Pure-shear test specimens are used to measure force-displacement curves, using samples with and without pre-cracks. We find that introducing a pre-crack into a membrane drastically reduces the stretch at rupture. Furthermore, we measure the stretch at rupture and fracture energy using samples of different heights at various stretch-rates. The stretch at rupture is found to decrease with sample height, and the fracture energy is found to increase with stretch-rate.
This paper has appeared in the Journal of Applied Physics and can be downloaded from:

Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators

Choon Chiang Foo, Soo Jin Adrian Koh, Christoph Keplinger, Rainer Kaltseis, Siegfried Bauer, Zhigang Suo.

Performance of dissipative dielectric elastomer generators
Journal of Applied Physics 111, 094107 (2012)


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Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU): 2012 Summer Program on Complex Materials at the University of Vermont

Undergraduate students are encouraged to participate in experimental
and theoretical studies of the properties of complex materials. This
intensive summer program takes place each year at the University of
Vermont (USA), funded in part through the Research Experiences for
Undergraduates (REU) Program of the National Science
Foundation. Undergraduate students from all institutions are invited
to apply to the UVM Summer Program on Complex Materials. Of particular interest is a project in my group on the study of nanoscale plasticity in metallic materials using atomistic computer simulation. Your application must arrive at the University of Vermont on or before April 6, 2012.


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Looking for PhD Position

I am looking for PhD at a reputed university in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in areas of specialization such as
1.Design and Manufacturing (Specialty: Adaptive Aircraft Design, Experimental Methods, FEA, Low Reynolds Number Aerodynamics)
2.Energy (Biofuels, Fuel Cells, Nuclear Engineering)
3.Vehicle Dynamics (Automobile Safety, Automotive Powertrains, Impact & Crash-Worthiness, Rotor Dynamics)

4.Thermofluid Systems (Combustion Dynamics,IC Engines, Computational/Fluid Dynamics) 

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An article on new ranking system...

Dear All,

You may find an interesting article about the new system of ranking here .

Special Academic Offer -- ADINA

Dear Colleague,

1. As you may know, ADINA is extensively used in teaching and research
at universities all around the world. If you are not already a university user,
you may be interested in the following announcement:

2. For an overview of the comprehensive multiphysics capabilities of ADINA see
the following page:

IOSO Multiobjective Optimization Technology for Research and Investigations Program


We start a three-year program for academician researchers, PhDs and etc. We suppose that our multiobjective IOSO optimization technology may help you in your research and investigations. 


What we offer for you:

Academic licenses of unique and powerful design optimization software based on IOSO optimization technology for free. 

What we anticipate from you:

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Looking for a Phd. position in Computational Solid Mechanics and Materials.

I am a final year Master of Engineering student at Materials Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Science. I have done my Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engg. from Bengal Engineering and Science University, West Bengal, India. Currently I am working on my ME project "Simulation and Validation of Roll-Separating force and Limiting Reduction in Cold Rolling", under Prof Vikram Jayaram, Materials Engg Dept. and Prof S.K.Biswas, Mechanical Engg. Dept, IISc., Bangalore. After completion (June, 2011) of my ME, I want to do Phd.

Looking for a Vacancy in the United States


I'm looking for a faculty, post doctoral, or research position in the United States.

Current residence is El Paso Texas, can change depending on vacancy location and benefits. Professional experience; 26 years, 24 teaching and part time technical, 2 years management. 

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I am looking for PhD position in Composite Materials

Hi Friends,

Iam looking for PhD positions in Composites Mechanics and Manufacturing area.

If you happen to know any information, kindly convey it to me.

Please find my Resume attached for your information.


Thanks and Regards,

Thiyagarajan Dev,


Miniature disk bend testing

Hello everybody

     Thanks for your loads of response and I am glad that you have given such valuable data regarding MDBT.

M ostly I need some more data reagarding MDBT and its fixture design.What should be the exact design procedure to perform this test and what should be the exact circumstances and precautions need to be taken are the concerned area where I need your help.
Its hearty request to help me sort out my problem and let me help in this regard.

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Does a scientist who has had three patents in the past five years, but only three papers, each cited just three times, deserve m

From the blogosphere

Nature 453, x (2008). doi:10.1038/7196xc

Does a scientist who has had three patents in the past five years,
but only three papers, each cited just three times, deserve more
recognition than one with five Nature papers and 1,000 citations? 


Can anyone download the full paper I have no access to Nature!!!! 

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Leonardo da Vinci the precursor of Publish AND Perish ---- not Publish OR Perish -- the present model is dead!

Dear Imechanica friends

  I recently pointed to a very interesting paper by Fabio Casati and collegues from Trento University in Italy.


as opposed to the current mania to PUBLISH and killing yourself with writing papers.


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