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The story behind the proof of Fermat's Last Theorem

When I came to the institute, my collaborator Kay invited me for a dinner in the new town together with his friend Thilo and other guys. The city is wisely divided into two functioning areas, old town and new town. All the ancient buildings like King’s summer palace, women’s church and opera house are in the old town; while the restaurants, bars and other modern buildings are in the new town. Each is in harmony with its environment and cultural atmosphere.

research proposal

Helloooooo Friendz

 I need your help

I have to submit a research proposal and the topic is:


Foreign Trade is the key catalyst for the economic development of Pakistan


Kindly help me as soon as possible.....


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Does a radially expanding cylinder bend?

 The Koiter-Sanders-Budiansky bending strain measure and a nonlinear generalization

 We know from strength of materials that non-uniform stretching of fibers along the cross section of a beam produces bending moments. But does this situation necessarily correspond to a 'bending' deformation? For that matter, what do we exactly mean kinematically when we talk about a bending deformation?

Does the term "community standards" include such matters too? Or rather not?

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Please see the attachment

I guess, it is an example of as apersonal and unspirited a paper as can at all be produced.

More information is available by following the link:


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