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Post-doctoral Position in Computational Mechanics at Rutgers University


A postdoctoral position is available in the area of interfacial mechanics of soft materials at Rutgers University working under the supervision of Prof. Cuitino. The position is supported by the National Science Foundation and industrial partners of the NSF Engineering Research Center for Structured Organic Particulate Systems (


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Open Ph.D. Position in Multiscale Cardiac Modeling at University of South Carolina

I have an open Ph.D. position on multiscale modeling of congenital heart disease. Candidates with M.S. or B.S. degree with background in fluid/solid mechanics, material science and applied mathematics with strong academic record are encouraged to apply. The project has both computational and experimental components. Interested candidates may send a CV and name of two references to Further information about my group can be obtained from:

Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Mechanics

A postdoctoral fellowship is available in the Duke Computational Mechanics Laboratory, beginning in September of 2009 (with flexibility on timing).  Funding for the fellowship concerns research in the simulation of large-scale fragmentation phenomena.  The ideal candidate will have experience in some combination of the following areas:

Post-doctoral research opportunity at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

We are looking for a post-doctoral candiate in the area of computational (bio)mechanics. The project involves solving inverse problems in finite deformation elasticity with applications to the detection and diagnosis of cancerous tumors. Interested applicants should contact Prof. Oberai (

NRC Research Fellowship Opportunity at Duke University

Researchers at Duke University are seeking applications for NRC research associates, to work with Professors David Stepp and John Dolbow.  The NRC program is unique in the sense that applicants have the opportunity to perform research on a program they design.  The positions are well-paid fellowships and are nominally for two years, extendable to a third.'s picture

Post-doctoral Position in Multiscale Modeling at Caltech

The Center for the Predictive Modeling and Simulation of High-Energy Density Dynamic Response at the California Institute of Technology seeks a post-doctoral scholars in the broad area of multiscale modeling of materials.  The scholar will be supervised by Professor Kaushik Bhattacharya, and will develop fast multiscale models that implicitly account for the microstructural features during the dynamic deformation of materials.

Chair and Lectureship in BioEngineering at Durham University, UK


Can I draw your attention to a Chair position and Lectureship in Bioengineering at the School of Engineering, Durham University. While the curent Chair position is occupied by an experimentalist, the postitions are open to candidates with interests in computational modelling and I would encourage anyone in that area to take a look.

Further details are available at the Durham jobs website Closing dates are 10/07/09 for the Chair and 31/07/09 for the Lectureship.

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Tenure track positions at Halmstad University

Halmstad University (Sweden) is looking for young researchers to join our research groups in embedded and intelligent systems, specifically for intelligent vehicles in joint work with Volvo Technology in Gothenburg. Two positions are currently open: one with a focus on vehicle diagnostics, maintenance and uptime, and one with a focus on autonomous vehicles.

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Looking for a PhD student

A Ph.D. position has recently become available in my research group (, to explore thermo-mechanical
behavior of shape memory polymers for biomedical applications.  A
strong candidate with a M.S. or B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering,
Materials Science, or a related discipline is required.  A good
academic record, a clear interest in experimental sciences, and an
enthusiasm to conduct outstanding research are the only prerequisites.

A post-doc position available for molecular dynamics modeling of nanoparticle growth

A post-doc researcher position is available from Sept 2009. Please contact Prof. John Wen at the Univerity of Waterloo.  (

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Position in Computational Nanomechanics at the University of Pittsburgh

A postdoctoral research fellow position is currently open in the Computational Nanomechanics group at the University of Pittsburgh for the following research projects in the multidisciplinary areas of computational nanomechanics, nanotechnology, renewable energy, and nanomedicine: 

  1. Hydrogen and bio-sensing nanowire fabrication
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Looking for a graduate student



I am looking for a graduate student or a Postdoc who is interested to work on a research project in modeling and simulation of self-healing surfaces and related topics.

The candidate is expected to major in Mechanical Engineering or Materials Science (background in surface mechanics / physics / tribology is preferred), to be comfortable with computational software (MATLAB, Ansys or similar), and to be enthusiastic about producing modeling/computational results and preparing publications.

Ph.D. Research Assistantship Position in Multi-Scale Computational Study of the Fracture of Concrete at CU Boulder

A Ph.D. Research Assistantship position in multi-scale computational mechanics of fracture of composites (with application on concrete) will be available to start in January 2010 in the Department of Civil Engineering, at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Phd Position at Ecole des Mines de Douai (France)

Please find a phd position at Ecole des Mines de Douai related to the fatigue of composite materials.

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Post Graduate Researcher or post doctoral position in developing fish life cycle model

Post doctoral associate or post-graduate researcher position is available in the Department of Civil Engineering at the Catholic University of America ,Washington, DC. The candidate should be proficient in C++ programming and OOP concepts and preferably (but not necessarily) GIS applications. PhD degree is not necessary. The project involves developing an agent-based fish life cycle model for San Francisco Bay and Delta.

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Faculty Position in Fluid Mechanics at University of Maryland

Assistant Professor, Fluid Dynamics

Department of Mechanical Engineering
A. James Clark School of Engineering
University of Maryland, College Park

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Open PhD position at Mines ParisTech, Centre des Matériaux, Paris, France

Simulation of crack bifurcation in single crystal nickel base superalloys under mixed mode conditions

PhD position available at the Centre des Matériaux , ParisTech , starting fall 2009.

This 3-year project is fully funded by Mines ParisTech, SNECMA and ONERA.

More details are given in the attached file.

Three postdoctoral positions at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

The Computational Physics group in the Atmospheric, Earth, and Energy Division at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is solicitating applications for three postdoctoral appointments in the following areas. To access the full description and application instructions, please visit and search for the job numbers below:

008351: geomechanics of fluid-induced fault activation

008374: dynamic impacts into granular materials

008375: mechanics of dynamic impact and penetration into ceramics


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