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orthotropic fiber

element coordinate system orientation after nonlinear static structural solution

Hi. I'm working on multiscale modeling of soft tissues. I'm working
on modeling an orthotropic wavy fiber in WB. I write an APDL routine to
change the element coordinate system of each element with accordance to
the fiber curvature. Ansys documentation said that in the case of large
deflection analysis, the element coordinate system will be rotated with
accordance to element rigid body rotation. My problem is that, after the
solution, the elements coordinate system of some elements rotate

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Continous orthotropic fiber direction in ansys

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Dear Friends,

 I am going to simulate a wavy orthotropic fiber in an isotropic media with  ansys workbench. The fiber is solid and the material direction of fiber needs to be changed continously with the fiber direction. I attached the model. I will appreciate if any body can give me an idea?


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