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Common questions about developing educational apps

This afternoon, I had an extremely pleasant Google hangout with Daniel Suo, and Professors Zhigang Suo and Teng Li . Our main focus was on brainstorming ideas on how to improve the user experience on iMechanica. After an hour or so our conversation drifted towards educational topics including novel ways of incorporating technology in STEM education.

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Educational iPad app on structural mechanics

I would like to share with fellow mechanicians an educational iPad app I recently developed. The name of the app is Truss Me! and the main goal is to help students, all the way from high school to college, to build intuition on how truss structures behave. The video below highlights some features of the app:

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Reading PDF files using iPad 3

Reading PDF files of papers and textbooks on computers has long been difficult for me.  The resolution of the screens has been too low.  The computers have been too heavy for reading in couches and beds. 

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