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Simulation of wave propagation in ABAQUS/CAE

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Hi, I am working on modeling wave propagation in ABAQUS/CAE.

I am not expert on ABAQUS and trying to figure out how it works.

I have a 2D Shell steel plate (1 centimeter by 1 centimeter) and try to obtain wave speed at any points of plate.

I put the material properties in and used ABAQUS/Explicit analysis.

Time steps are 1E-009 seconds and there are 2 steps (impulsed at the first step and propagates at the second step).

The load pluged at the amplitude with equaily spaced for 0.1 micro seconds (so it becomes impulse load).


Dear Friends,

I have written an UEL for Strain Gradient Plasticity but it shows following error :


I will be very thankful if someone can throw some light on this error.

Thanking in advance.


How to plot Stress Contours from ABAQUS UEL?

Hello, I am using the Abaqus UEL module to use a customised element type. I have all the  stress values at the Gauss Points (3x3 Gauss Quadrature) which I have exported through the SVARS variable. Is there any way I can plot the stress contours on the geometry in Abaqus or any other software ?


How to view random material properties in ABAQUS

In ABAQUS, I have 100*100 elements and the material properties of each element (say elasticity, angle of friction) varies. How can I view (plot) the mesh as per material properties value (say elasticity) (like colorbar)

Convergence Problem using Biphasic Material to model hip joint in Abaqus

Dear All,

i am new to this forum and would like say hello to everybody!

I am currently working on a hip joint model consistent mainly
of the cartilogenous tissues. Biphasic Materials consitent of
a linear elastic Matrix and trapped fluid, which i modelled in
abaqus using Soil Mechanics (permeability).

At the moment, however, i am unable to obtain convergence. The
whole calculation stops at ca 0.122 sec out of total 1 sec. I
guess its just one parameter set wrong in Contact or an convergence

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soil in abaqus

Blessings upon all,

I am new user in ABAQUS ,can you give me links to learn the soil models in abaqus.


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Residual Stress Modal Analysis in Abaqus

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I want to do modal analysis of a simple structure under the effect of residual stress. How can I do it in Abaqus ?? I need the precise steps to do with the GUI.

St. Venant-Kirchhoff constitutive law in Abaqus

I would like to conduct simulations in Abaqus using a St.
Venant-Kirchhoff constitutive law, but when I try to define a material
in Abaqus CAE I do not see it as an option.


Is this available as a
built-in model?

 Is this just another material model with a parameter set to a specific value? (Hyperelasticity isn't my strongest area.)

Concrete beam with piezoelectric sensors in ABAQUS

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I am trying to model piezoelectric sensors on a concrete beam in ABAQUS. Since I am using brttile cracking model, I have to use ABAQUS / Explicit. But piezoelectric elements are not available in ABAQUS / Explicit.

In some papers I saw that the piezoelectricity modeling problem in ABAQUS / Explicit is solved by replacing it by an equivalent Thermo-Mechanical problem. Does anybody know how to accomplish this?

Do you have any suggestions? Are there any other ways to model piezoelectricity in ABAQUS / Explicit?


Modelling composite overwrap in abaqus

I'm working on repairing steel pipes with composite overwrap system and need to model it through ABAQUS.

can any one help me? I need to know how model the overwrap layer and the interface between it and steel pipe.

It would be great if some body help me.

Import geometry into Abaqus

Hi all,

             I would like to ask how is it possible to import  a sketch or a part into Abaqus without using any other software needed, like CATIA, PARASOLID etc... Currently I am using Matlab to create my geometry. What I obtain is my exact geometry in terms of points given by x,y and z coordinates in txt format or inp format. But still struggle to import my geometry into Abaqus. Any help, more than welcome...

Best regards,


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Simulation of single pass rolling through ABAQUS.

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Water waves simulation with Abaqus

Hi everybody,


I want to simulate water waves using abaqus. I want design a good reef, in order to improve the waves to surf.


I'm Abaqus user (plasticity, elasticity, heat transfer...) but I never simulate water an less waves. Can someone help me or give me some indications to start???



Thanks a lot

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Plastic strain data

Dear All

I am working on Abaqus simulation for thermo-visco-plasticity, especially on necking problem in circular bar.
I need the plastic strain data to add in the material properties table of Abaqus.
And, any help in this regard would be appreciated.

Shabeer Khan
MSc Computational Mechanics

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Internship in Computational Mechanics (plasticity)

Dear Members,

 Hope you will be fine. 

I am student in MSc Computational Mechanics, here in Nantes France. I am looking for an internship  which is compulsory part of master degree. I am interested in materials, processing/modeling and simulation. I would be grateful for your guidance and help.

 Thanks and Regards,

Shabeer khan 

Variable Elasticity (Young) Modulus

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I need to simulate a sheet forming but I must consider the variation of Young modulus with plastic strain.

Has anybody tried this? How can I implement a function for this? I have never worked with UMAT / VUMAT.

Thank you. 

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please tell if any body knows Step by Step procedure how to execute the problem described below....

My project is "Study on the behaviour of FRP strengthened concrete structures subject to cyclic load".

concrete 1500 x 100 x 200

CFRP: 460 x 50

Adhesieve: epoxy(sikadur 30): 460 x 50 x 0.01

Steel: 1500mm, 4mm radius, circular profile.

I have to do the following Steps using Abaqus/explicit

1. Modelling

2. Material Property

3. Assigning Sections

4. Defining Step

ABAQUS, Contact definition between soil and nail

Hi There,

I am  modelling a soil nail wall with ABAQUS. I am wondering to know what interaction I am supposed to define for connecting nail to wall and nail to soil? By the way, I define soil as 2D plane strain and wall and beam as beam element.



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Purchase ABAQUS licence

Is it possible to buy an ABAQUS licence (or token) from another institution?  In Malaysia and Singapore, the sales of ABAQUS appear to be controlled by WorleyParsons who charge rather exorbitant prices on the licenses - e.g. I got the student edition from the web for USD99 but in Malaysia, the price sold by WorleyParsons is 3+ times more expensive.  I am thinking whether I can pay another institution for some tokens to run jobs.  Thanks.

Turning a shaft through conact pressure in ABAQUS/standard?

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Hello all,

This is my first post here. This seems be an informative and helpful forum.

I am trying to model the rotation of a "hard" shaft as a result of motion of 2 strips of soft materials (please see attached figure).

The strips are deformed due to external forces and as a result, contact pressures are applied on the shaft. The forces are then varied on the strips leading to net rotational forces on the shaft.

Varying material properties spatially in ABAQUS


In an ABAQUS 2D-planar model, is it possible to vary the material properties spatially, say defining modulus (E) as a function of coordinates, E = f(x,y)? One way is to use *DISTRIBUTION feature, but that allows variation based on element-sets and does not allow varying the material properties as function of coordinates. If anyone has solved this or similar problem kindly suggest.


Thank you


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Numerical singularity in Abaqus


Hi All,

many a times in abaqus, we get numerical singularity warnings. which are mainly due to rigid body motion in one or more directions. This will generally happen when there is contact closing and opening phenomenon is happening.  How can we resolve these numerical singularities? Please post if you have any additional information.

 Thanks and Regards



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