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A level-set based IGA formulation for topology optimization of flexoelectric materials


This paper presents a design methodology based on a combination of isogeometric analysis (IGA),

level set and point wise density mapping techniques for topology optimization of piezoelectric /

flexoelectric materials. The fourth order partial differential equations (PDEs) of flexoelectricity,

which require at least C 1 continuous approximations, are discretized using Non-Uniform Rational

B-spline (NURBS). The point wise density mapping technique with consistent derivatives is

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Multiple postdoc openings at UC San Diego (USA) and Cardiff University (UK) + two PhDs at Cardiff University (UK)

Applications are sought for multiple Post-Doctoral Research Associates at University of California, San Diego (USA) and Cardiff University (UK) and two PhDs (Cardiff) to join a very active cross-continental M2DO research lab. The primary research focus is to develop topology optimization for multiscale and multiphysics problems optimizing materials and structures. The research members are required to travel between US and UK regardless of their bases.  

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Positions filled: 4 postdoc openings - UC San Diego (US) and Cardiff (UK)

Applications are sought for four Post-Doctoral Research Associates to join a very active research group at Cardiff University, UK (School of Engineering) and the University of California, San Diego, USA (Structural Engineering Department).  Three postdocs will be based at Cardiff and one at UC San Diego, and there will be frequent interactions and travels between.

A paper on ILS : Inequality level set : A new approach to handle inequality constraints

Treating volumetric inequality constraint in a continuum media with a coupled X-FEM/Level-Set strategy

N. Bonfils, N. Chevaugeon, N. Moës

(accepted for publication in computer Methods in applied mechanics and engineering).

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