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model reduction

PhD position on modeling of additive manufacturing in CEMEF, MINES Paristech, France

PhD position for developing an efficient computational platform for additive manufacturing by multi-scale approach and model reduction technique under the framework of finite element and level-set formulation. The additive manufacturing process that will be considered is the SLM process (Selective Laser Melting) for metals.

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Ph.D. Candidate Position on “Characterization of the local mechanical behavior of elastomer materials by instrumented nanoindentation”

One Ph.D. candidate position is available in the Fall 2017 in the Elastomer Research Center (Cermel) at the Laboratory of Mechanics and Rheology (LMR) in the Polytechnic School of the University of Tours in France.

Job description

The aim of this Ph.D. is to extend the comprehension of the local mechanisms involved in elastomer materials, in order to faithfully reproduce their behavior in finite element models. The Ph.D. applicant is expected to carry out both theoretical and experimental work.

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A review of predictive nonlinear theories for multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials

Since the beginning of the industrial age, material performance and design have been in the midst of innovation of many disruptive technologies. Today’s electronics, space, medical, transportation, and other industries are enriched by development, design and deployment of composite, heterogeneous and multifunctional materials. As a result, materials innovation is now considerably outpaced by other aspects from component design to product cycle. In this article, we review predictive nonlinear theories for multiscale modeling of heterogeneous materials.

PhD position / Reduced order modeling and surrogate-based optimization for turbomachinery blade design


Cenaero ( ) and ULB-BATir (Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium, jointly propose a PhD position entitled: "Reduced order modeling and surrogate-based optimization for turbomachinery blade design" (4-year contract).

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Multiscale method with model reduction

Model reduction based on Propper Orthogonal decomposition is widely used in Computational mechanics to reduce the number of degrees of freedom in systems. In the attached papers, we introduced a POD-based model reduction in a multiscale framework to significantly reduce the computations.

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