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How to define a surface through UEL?

 Hello everyone,

 I want to  simulate contact problem by using UEL.I define the surface in the inp file.But abaqus don not 

recognize it. How can I solve this problem?

PS.  Sorry for my English.I hope it is clever enough to understand the problem.


J.H. Zhai 

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Literature for Multi-surface plasticity

Dear all,


Can someone please guide me to comprehensive literature for implementing multi-yield surface plasticity in numerical codes. I am not sure if I, properly, understand the algorithm.


Thanks in advance

Best regards,



Surface mediated plasticity in sub-10-nm-sized gold crystals

Nature Communications 1, Article number:144 | DOI:10.1038/ncomms1149

Although deformation processes in submicron-sized metallic crystals are
well documented, the direct observation of deformation mechanisms in
crystals with dimensions below the sub-10-nm range is currently lacking.
Here, through in situ high-resolution transmission electron
microscopy (HRTEM) observations, we show that (1) in sharp contrast to
what happens in bulk materials, in which plasticity is mediated by
dislocation emission from Frank-Read sources and multiplication, partial
dislocations emitted from free surfaces dominate the deformation of

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