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Call for Abstract Submission to the CAMX (The Composite and Advanced Materials Expo), 2014

Abstract submission to a technical session entitles "Resin System Technology" at CAMX (Created by SAMPE and ACMA) which will be held on October 13-16, 2014 in Orlando, Florida.

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

Constitutive model for the glass fiber reinforced-epoxy composite

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Dear all,


I'm a researcher in the area of applied mechanics. Currently, I'm surveying articles on the constitutive and numerical modeling of fiber reinforced polymer composite. In particular, the fiber is a glass woven fabric. The matrix is the epoxy (thermoset which shrinkages when curing is completed). I want to know woks relevant to this kind of materials. I have found some "compressible hyperelastic model" which is for the epoxy only. Any comments or suggestions will be welcomed!


Best regards, 

Sangyul Ha

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