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15th Annual-International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, 15-17 May 2007, Iranian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME)


This is the Fifteenth Conference in Mechanical Engineering series that started in 1992. The conference is concerned with the latest in theoretical, mathematical and scientific developments in Mechanical Engineering as well as application of established techniques to new domains. Following tradition of conference, ISME 2007 will provide an international technical forum for experts and researches from both the academia and industry to meet and exchange new ideas and present their findings of ongoing research in various Mechanical engineering disciplines.

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Symposium: Mechanics of Nanomaterials and Micro/Nanodevices-Experimental and Modeling, September 16-20, 2007, Detroit, Michigan

Although nanostructures, such as nanoparticles, nanotubes, nanowires, nanobelts, and nanometer thick films, nanostructured materials and nanocomposites have been synthesized and fabricated by various techniques, their mechanical properties have not been well explored. These nanostructures are being used as structural and functional building blocks to construct micro/nanodevices. Some nanostructured materials exhibit the breakdown of Hall-Petch behavior. The failure of conventional reinforcing models has been found in nanocomposites. The extremely small dimensions of nanomaterials and micro/nanodevices impose tremendous challenges to many existing experimental techniques and modeling tools. An in-depth understanding of mechanics at the nanoscale is greatly needed. Development of mechanical testing, and manipulation instruments and techniques, is also a technological necessity. This symposium will focus on research on mechanical properties of nanostructures, nanostructured materials and nanocomposites, and reliability testing of micro/nanodevices.

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Applied Mechanics Division Committee Meetings in Chicago

Rui Huang's post early today reminded me of writing to all of you who are going to ASME meeting in Chicago, 5-10 November 2006, a short 10 days from today.

As I wrote in September, much of the initial planning for the next year's Congress will happen at the committee meetings this year. These meetings will formulate possible topics for symposiums in the next Congress. Surely you would like to see your favorite topics get picked.

Meetings of all Technical Committees are open to all. Please find the meeting times of the Technical Committees that interest you. You may also want to know who are the Chairs of the 17 Technical Committees in the Applied Mechanics Division.

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ASME Technical Committee on Integrated Structures

In response to a proposal by Zhigang Suo in November 2005, the Executive Committee of the Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) of ASME has created a new Technical Committee on Integrated Structures. The main purpose is to provide a home at AMD for those who are working in the interdisciplinary areas involving applied mechanics and integrated materials/structures such as microelectronics and biomedical technologies. Read more here.

To forge the link between academia and industries, the committee will be co-chaired by industrial and academic members. For the first year, Jun He of Intel and Rui Huang (myself) have served as the co-chairs. As the 2006 ASME Congress (November 5-10) coming around the corner, we would like to draw your attention to our first activities at the congress.

Micro/Nano Forum at Chicago Hilton, November 8, 2006-ASME Conference 2006

Dear Fellow ASME Micro & Nano Professionals :

There still is time to participate in the "Micro & Nano Society-Wide Forum" which will be held on Wednesday, November 8th, 5-8 pm, Williford Room C at the Chicago Hilton and Towers during ASME's Congress 2006.

The intention of this program is to stimulate cross-disciplinary knowledge-exchange, networking and synergy among ASME Members and other professionals interested in the development of nanotechnology. We extended the submission due date to Oct. 25th. (Previous one was a too short notice.)

A complimentary light dinner along with beverages will be provided during the program. All you need is your poster which will be tacked onto a poster board that is 96 inches by 48 inches (2.4 m by 1.2 m).

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Second Symposium on Piezoelectricity, Acoustic Waves, and Device Applications (Spawda 2006)

Advances in the research of the theory of Piezoelectricity and Acoustic Waves have provided essential foundation and new opportunities to device technology and have been fostering academic exchanges and interaction in the piezoelectric device industry.With the increased research activities in piezoelectricity and acoustic waves and recent fast growth in piezoelectric devices, we are also facing many technological challenges from real engineering applications and product design and manufacturing.Following the successful SPAWDA 2004 in Ningbo, Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, IEEE UFFC and the Acoustical Society of China have decided, also with industrial support, to hold the SPAWDA 2006 at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China from December 14-17.The conference topics include, but not limited to,

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Ninth U.S. National Congress on computational mechanics
July 22 -26, 2007. San Francisco, California

A mini-symposium on


Call for Papers
Micro and Nano Electro Mechanical Systems have recently attracted much attention from the industry and from the scientific community. MEMS are nowadays routinely met in various fields like in the automotive, aerospace and large consumer applications.
It can be said that for various micro systems the pioneering phase has been substituted by a phase of industrial applications. Hence, new challenges concerning reliability, optimization and increasing miniaturizations must be tackled by the designers. All these issues need a multi-disciplinary approach and must be supported by multi-physics numerical and experimental analyses able to contribute to the definition of a unified design and analysis methodology of MEMS and NEMS.

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Symposium on "Mechanics of Nano-, Bio- and Cellular Materials" at the McMat 2007


The 2007 ASME Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference (McMat 2007)
Austin, Texas, June 3-7, 2007

Symposium on

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The 13th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics

Dear Colleagues:

The 13th International Conference on Experimental Mechanics (ICEM13, will be held on July 1-6, 2007 in Alexandroupolis, Greece. It is our pleasure to announce that the Conference will include a special symposium organized by us entitled, “Plasticity, Fracture and Fatigue at the Micro and Nano Scales,” which will focus on recent developments in this area within the larger scope of assessing research needs in a variety of applications of interest.

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International Conference on Computational & Experimental Engineering and the Sciences (ICCES07) 

The Aim of ICCES'07 is to bring researchers from the world's acdemia, industry, and the governments, for a few days, to the ambience of Miami, USA, in January 2007, to discuss the recent advances in computational and experimental engineering & sciences, and to facilitate collaborative research efforts.

The Main Themes of the Conference are:

1. Multidisciplinary Analysis & Synthesis of Complex Systems
2. Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures
3. Plasticity; Steel Structures; Computational & Experimental Aspects
4. Mechanics of Fluids, Gases, and Fluidics/MEMS
5. Nanoengineering in Medicine and Biology
6. Computational Biology, Biomechanics
7. Geomechanics, Geomaterials
8. Smart Structures
9. Computational Fracture Mechanics; Structural Integrity & Health Monitoring
10. Nanomechanics, Nanostructured Materials, & Materials by Design
11. Dynamics of Materials & Structures: Computations & Experiments
12. Meshless and other novel methods of computer modeling in engineering and the sciences
13. Computational Solid Mechanics

If you are interested in organizing a special Symposium in one of the above themes, please contact the organizing committee at

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Mini-symposium on “Computational Methods in Impact Engineering” in Ninth U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics

The aim of the “Computational Methods in Impact Engineering” mini-symposium is to recognize the increasing role of the computation methods in Impact Engineering. It is now established that computational tools are indispensable to augment experimental techniques for the analysis of complex systems under dynamic loading. Many new computational techniques are currently being developed and new applications in the fields of impact and shock loadings are emerging. This mini-symposium will bring together engineers and scientists working in the area of Computational Impact Engineering.

Topics of interest include (but are not restricted to) the following:

Interesting Conference: "micro-TAS 2006"

The conference "micro-TAS" may be interesting to researchers in engineering and science, especially involving Bio-MEMS/NEMS, biophysics, and biochemistry. See details of this conference.

The Fourth China-Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Optimization of Structural and Mechanical Systems

The Fourth China-Japan-Korea Joint Symposium on Optimization of Structural and Mechanical Systems will be held in Kunming, China, November 6–9, 2006.

Recent advances of computer technology have given powerful practical tools to structural and mechanical designs. Optimal design is one of such area where various theories and methodologies are well developed. It is, however, lacking general interests among field designers and engineers. Innovative optimal design techniques and new applications are yet to be developed. Following the successful first CJK-OSM1 in Xian, China in 1999, second (CJK-OSM2) in Busan, Korea in 2002 and the third (CJK-OSM3) in Kanazawa, Japan in 2004, as agreed among participants in the symposium, the fourth CJK-OSM symposium will be held in Kunming, China during Nov. 6th -Nov. 9th, 2006. As before this will be a forum for exchange of recent research ideas and fostering new developments and new applications. Reflecting current interests from various fields, several new topics are included. The scope is, however, not limited to those listed.

Symposium on Mechanics in Biology and Medicine

This symposium will be part of the 2007 ASME Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference, to be held in the University of Texas in Austin, in June 3-6, 2007.

Student Presentation Competition at USNCCM IX

The 9th US National Congress on Computational Mechanics will feature a student presentation competition. This competition continues in the format pursued at the recent World Congress in Los Angeles. It is open to students who have an abstract accepted for presentation at the Congress.

19th Annual Melosh Competition at ETH Zurich

The 19th Annual Melosh Competition for the Best Student Paper on Finite Element Analysis will be held at ETH Zurich, on April 27, 2007.    The competition has become one of the premier graduate student events in the broad area of mechanics.   We have held the competition at a variety of locations over the past several years, but this is the first time it will be held outside the US.  We are presently seeking funds to provide travel fellowships for those students selected as finalists, as this represents an excellent opportunity for students to visit a world-class institution.  

Details on the competition and submission procedure can be found here.   The extended abstracts are due on January 8, 2007. I want to emphasize that the competition is really one on computational science.   As a result, papers on meshfree methods, molecular dynamics methods, their coupling with the FEM, etc., are welcome.   Please encourage your colleagues working in computational science to consider applying.  

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McMat 2007 Applied Mechanics and Materials Conference

The McMat 2007 conference, organized by the University of Texas on behalf of the Applied Mechanics and the Materials Divisions of the ASME, will be held in Austin, June 3-7, 2007.

We are now accepting proposals for symposia and abstracts of papers.

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Ninth U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics

USNCCM IX, July 22 - 26, 2007
Pre- & Post-Congress Short Courses, July 22 & 26, 2007
Hyatt Regency San Francisco
San Francisco, California

From their inception in 1991, the biennial congresses of the United States Association for Computational Mechanics have become major scientific events, drawing computational engineers and scientists worldwide from government, academia, and industry. The Ninth U.S. National Congress on Computational Mechanics (USNCCM IX), hosted by the University of California, Berkeley, will feature the latest developments in all aspects of computational mechanics, and will broaden the definition of the discipline to include many other computation-oriented areas in engineering and sciences. From applications in nanotechnology and bioengineering, to recent advances in numerical methods and high-performance computing, the technical program will reflect the Congress theme of "Interdisciplinary Computation''. In addition to plenary lectures and minisymposia that highlight the latest trends in computational mechanics, pre- and post-conference short courses addressing advances in multiscale and multiphysics methods, as well as other topics, will be held. Numerous vendor exhibits from Bay Area and national companies and organizations are also planned. Detailed information on USNCCM IX can be found at:

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2006 ASME Congress, November 5-10, 2006, Chicago, IL

Here is the website for the 2006 ASME Congress. For the applied mechanics program, click "Program Overview", then choose "Applied Mechanics" from the list of topics.

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Symposium on the Mechanics of Electromagnetic Materials and Structures, ICNM-V, June 11-14, 2007, Shanghai

You are cordially invited to participate in the Symposium on the Mechanics of Electromagnetic Materials and Structures, the 5th International Conference on Nonlinear Mechanics (ICNM-V), to be held in Shanghai, China, June 11-14, 2007.  You may find more information at the website of the conference.

The symposium topics include piezoelectricity, ferroelectricity, magnetoelasticity, electromagnetic fluids and various applications in engineering and technology, but are not limited to the above. Experimental, theoretical, and computational studies are all welcome.

Please e-mail your one-page abstract(s) to any of us listed below. We look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Professor Ji Wang, Ningbo University,

Professor Yuantai Hu, Central South University,

Professor Jiashi Yang, University of Nebraska,

Professor Daining Fang, Tsinghua University,

Submission of abstract: as soon as possible.

Notification of acceptance: Nov. 1, 2006

Submission of final paper(s) for the conference proceedings: Jan. 1, 2007

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Plan activities of the Applied Mechanics Division at 2007 ASME Congress

The ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition (IMECE) will be held in 11-16 November 2007, in Seattle, Washington. As the 2007 Program Chair of the Applied Mechanics Division (AMD), I hope to get you involved in planning activities at the Congress.

IMECE is a place where you can meet people and attend talks in Applied Mechanics, as well as in other fields, such as Materials, Electronic Packaging, Tribology, and Heat Transfer. For many mechanicians, a highlight of the Congress is the Applied Mechanics Annual Dinner, where old acquaintances are resumed, new friends made, awards announced, and the Timoshenko lectures delivered.


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