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Summer Internship (US Ph.D. candidate of Mechanical / Materials Science and Engineering)

Hi, we are looking for a Summer Intern at the Chandler Site of Intel Corporation. Please, see below the information and contact me if you are a great fit.

Thank you - Soud

Package FA intern

Responsibilities include but are not be limited to:

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Abaqus is not reporting any CEEQ in coupled temp-displacement step

Hi all,

I am modeling a simple coupled temp-displecment analysis with the following step information:



*Material, name=Material-1



*Creep, law=HYPERB

44000., 0.005,   4.2, 45000., 8.314


60000., 0.34

*Expansion, zero=25.



20.,  0.

60., 0.1




*Physical Constants, absolute zero=-273., universal gas=8.314

** STEP: Step-1


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"Eclipse" which can replace Visual studio for Fortran/C/C++ debugging,compiling

We usually use Microsoft visual studio's version to do Fortran/C/C++ coding. Many reserachers are facing problem with versions, appropriate compiler or even with copyright issue. "Eclipse" can replace VS in everyway. The advantages are:


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Need help for running UMAT of Dr. Huang's single crystal

Hello Everyone,

I am a new member of imechanica. I have started to learn UMAT of Abaqus to model my material behavior ( Cu6Sn5, HCP) using crystal plasticity finite element model. I found Dr. Huang's single crystal UMAT to start learning UMAT and I thought that it would be a great guide to start though it is written for FCC mat. But unfortunately I was not able to run the UMAT with it's input file.

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