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Hi All,

 Thanks for your help so far. I have one last question to the forum. Please do answer whatever you know. How can I compute Material Jacobian for my UMAT subroutine? 

best regards


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Probelm with Abaqus/Explicit


I am using cohesive elements to model the interface around a
circular inclusion. First I used Abaqus/standard I got proper results
but when I used same values with an amplitude curve (tabular, linearly
applied) to apply load quasi-statically in Abaqus/Explicit, I could not get a converged
solution. Field variables are oscillating and elements getting
distorted excessively. In Abaqus/Explicit I am applying load very
slowly but even though same problem persists.



Abaqus UEL subroutine help

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Greetings to all Imechanicans ! ,

I just started using the scripting interface in Abaqus, and i stumbled into a small issue, I have a sample input file which is a small model for crack simulation and its UEL subroutine, I know how to open the input file  but I don't know how to open the UEL subroutine that goes with it, I get the following error :

The model "projGH" has been created.

Hashin damage model for fiber reinforced composite in ABAQUS

Hi Everyone,

I am doing a project in which I am trying to study about the
drilling of composite. The aim is to optimize the drill and process
parameters to minimize the damage. For this I have tried to simulate
the drilling process in ABAQUS and I am using the Hashin damage model.
The problem is that Hashin damage model works only for the lamina which
takes only plane stress elements. Since only plane elements are allowed
I am unable to simulate cutting action of drill as the composite plate
is effectively 2D.

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Modelling Hyper-elastic Plate Using ABAQUS

Dear All,

For months, I have tried to model a plate with circular hole which has the properties of hyper-elastic material (Ogden) but the results are still not promising compared to literature (Y Basar 1998).  The main problems are:

1. The maximum load I succeeded to apply was q=26, while literature had applied load up to 90. For q > 26, the analysis will terminate with errors such as too many attempt, excessive distortion etc.

2. The results I get for q<26 are not the same as literature. 

I attach my best result for your viewing.

Abaqus: equally space amplitude


I've been trying to apply a displacement to a body in an implicit model using equally spaced amplitudes.

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Abaqus Users' Conference - now the SIMULIA Customer Conference

2009 SIMULIA Customer Conference
May 18-21, 2009 • the Brewery, London, England

model a composite laminate in abaqus?

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hi guys, im new to abaqus.

anyone know how to model a unidirectional composite laminate in abaqus?

Elasto-plastic theory - ABAQUS



I have started to study the plasticity theory few months ago. I'm trying to do one exercise in plane strain of one elasto-plastic material in ABAQUS and manually.

When the load is small, the material has just deformed elasticly and the total and elastic strain in z-direction (E33 and EE33) are zero (like say the theory of plane strain). 

modeling of simple beam-column connection (hinged)

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Hi, I am using Abaqus.

Need to model simple beam-column connection (with beam elements). Connection should allow rotation but not translation. I am new to Abaqus so please help.


Tried connector section, defined it, but I dont know how to use/apply it.

modeling of Porous medium and its solution methods in ABAQUS?

Hi all,

I am krishna working on FE knee joint modeling in ABAQUS. I am beginner to Abaqus
As i have read from the journal papers, I understood that cartilage and meniscus are poroelastic (porous medium).

My axisymmetric model consists of following.
1. Cartilage is modelled with CAX4PH (axisymmetric pore pressure elements)
2. Meniscus is also with the same elements
3.Tibial bone with CAX4 elements.

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When and where the stress objective rates are used in ABAQUS software?

Hi everyone,

    I have a question about the objectivity tensor in ABAQUS software. Below is my question.   

X-FEM implementation in Abaqus

Dear all,

Just in case it is of interest to some of you, we provide links to three postprints related to our Abaqus implementation of the X-FEM. The latest is an "article in press" in Eng Frac Mech where we explain the essentials of the implementation and provide a link to the source code for the Abaqus computation. Note that the implementation is limited to 2D and the pre-processing code needed for element subdivision is not provided.

Abaqus, bridge-truck analysis.... help

Hi everyone!

I need advice, I have to carry out a bridge-truck interaction analysis in ABAQUS FOR CATIA. I don´t know where I can start, the thing is that now I´m going to try doing it, in a simplified model in order to don´t loose time.

Can you help me? Can you give me some advices? how to model de truck? I need more or less precission on the bridge not in the truck. I know how to modelice the bridge, the type of element, the meshing, the connectors... but what I don´t know is how to manage Explicit,

Abaqus/Explicit VUMAT tensor components ordering

Hello everyone,


I am coding a VUMAT for Abaqus/Explicit. I was wondering if the tensor components ordering was ALWAYS different from the one used in ABAQUS/Implicit, or if the special ordering was valid only for the C3D8R element.


salut, je veux des docs que m'aide à maitriser le logiciel ABAQUS, est ce vous pouver m'aider,,, merci d'avance

Structural FEA Intern

Mar 05, 2009 

This position has been filled. Thanks for reading and applying.


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Computer Assignment #2

Computer assignment #2 : natural frequency problem

due on Monday (Nov. 17, 2008)

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Assignment #1

Assignment #1 and related paper

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Abaqus Tutorial

1 Schedule & Proceedings

2 Reading-about ABAQUS

3 Learning ABAQUS

4 CAE example

Model Overconstraints

Hello all,

I have created a 3-d dynamic model in ABAQUS using shell elements.  When I run the analysis I get several warning messages indicating that I have zero pivot nodes.  When I locate where these nodes are, I find that they are in the middle of my beam (modeled with shell elements) away from any boundary conditions.  Does anyone know why ABAQUS is indicating these inconsistent overconstraints in the middle of my model???  The analysis fails to converge when NLGEOM=yes but has no problems converging when NLGEOM is removed.

Thanks in advance

ABAQUS damaged plasticity model

I am trying, quite unsuccessfully, to model a composite steel frame under dynamic loads.  The problem is nonconvergence brought upon by the concrete tensile strains (i think).  Apparently ABAQUS kills the analysis once cracks form in the concrete.  Has anyone had any success using the "Concrete damaged plasticity model" under cyclic loads and large strains.  I have found that researchers use many different concrete properties to get convergence, but I am more interested in a better concrete representation.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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