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composite materials

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How can I model a bridge which consits of a small beam of composite that surrounded with ceramic layer

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Hi dear

I am going to model a bridge in dental work which it consists of two parts:

1: a small beam which it is made of composite 5 plys

2: a cramic part which surround the beam.

I want to model it with Abaqus. Please help me if you can. I'd appreciate if you help me and send its steps to my email:




I am facing some problem in ABAQUS. How can i use Vumat subroutine and how can i findout sresses.Please help me

Composite structures in Ansys

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I am trying to analyze a honeycomb core sandwich assembly in Ansys and am having trouble. Using shell 91 do I input the layers under real constants or as a shell input. Thanks

Postdoctoral and Ph.D. positions in Experimental Solid Mechanics at Michigan State University

Composite Vehicle Research Center (CVRC) at MSU has an immediate opening for a postdoctoral research associate to conduct research in non-destructive evaluation (NDE) and structural health monitoring (SHM) of composite materials in an effort to develop self-diagnostic composite structures for air and ground vehicles.

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2009 SEM conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico USA

I would invite you to present your research work at the Society of Experimental Mechanics Conference (visit  for more details). You are welcome to submit your abstract my two sessions: 

1. Mechanical Behavior of Nanocomposite Materials

2. Recent Advance in Composite Materials.

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PlosONE publishes secret of Stradivari violins in wood density

Research Article

Formal Correction: This article has been formally corrected to address the following errors.

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Openings for New Ph.D. Students on Composite Materials and Failure Mechanics at Vanderbilt University, USA

New students may start from January 2008 if the graduate students have previous research experience in solid mechanics (e.g., nano/micro-mechanics, computational mechanics) or material engineering (MD simulation, mechanical behaviors). Students will have the opportunities to conduct balanced experimental and computational work on the durabilty and impact failure of marine composite materials; failure and material designs of nanocomposite materials; or rehabilitation of infrastructure materials using composites and other materials.  An MS degree is required.

Dr. Liviu Librescu (1930-2007)

Professor Dr. Liviu Librescu was murdered while teaching a solid mechanics course at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007.

The great works he left behind are, including, but not limited to, the following books (which are the ones in English):

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Multi-Axial Failure Models for Fiber-Reinforced Composites

The increasing use of fiber-reinforced composites accentuates the need for developing multi-axial fatigue failure models for these materials. In this article (attached), we proposed several multiaxial fatigue failure models for fiber-reinforced composites considering the contribution of mean and cyclic normal stress/strain and shear stress/strain at the plane of failure and examined their capability for predicting the fatigue life of the E-glass/epoxy composite materials.

Zvi Hashin


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