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PhD Position at Mines Paris

One PhD position is available immediately at CEMEF Mines Paris, in the French Riviera.

PhD topic : Modeling of plastic deformation of Titanium alloys in α/β domain
Funding : Continuum consortium
Industrial Partners : Airbus, Aubert&Duval, Safran and Timet
Academic Partners : Chimie ParisTech, Institut Pprime and CEMEF

Interested applicants can send a resume to :


Postdoctoral vacancy (3 years) on high-frequency vibration techniques for non-destructive inspection of 3D printed metal parts


The use of 3D printed metal structures is taking a very fast ramp-up in industry. General Electric has demonstrated the possibility of printing titanium fuel injectors for their LEAP engine, EADS has printed a nacelle hinge bracket for the Airbus A320, Boeing is printing plastic inlet ducts for high-altitude aircrafts, hip implants and other prosthetics are exploiting the design freedom of additive manufacturing (AM),...

FEM versus FFT

Dear all,

In micomechanics, homogenization of heterogeneous
materials based on FEM is traditional. Homogenization based on FFT technique has been recently found (in many literatures) to have much more advantages
in term of accuracy, computational cost and resource consumption.

I am wondering why FEMs are still
widely used in education, research, and industries of
mechanics ?

Please could anyone help me to clarify
my question?


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