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Monte carlo

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PhD position - Computational Soft Matter Research

About this position: The Computational Soft Matter Laboratory (, within the Department of Mechanical Engineering ( at the New Jersey Institute of technology (NJIT), is currently offering a Ph.D. position available for Spring/Fall 2024. The successful candidate will carry out computational research focusing on the interaction of flexible nanomaterials with biological cell membranes.

Stochastic Review Paper in Movie Form!

A while ago, I shared news about the recent publication of our review paper titled: "Practical Application of the Stochastic Finite Element Method".  The first author David Arregui-Mena, a PhD student at the University of Manchester, created a YouTube movie which summarises the content of the paper.

For those interested, its worth a watch!

Link to movie

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Read Dr Marcin Kaminski's Sept Editorial for Proceedings-of-ICE journal for free here.

Read Dr Marcin Kaminski's (Technical University
of Lodz)
September 2011 Editorial for ICE-journal Engineering and Computational Mechanics for free here.

Coupling FEM and Monte Carlo

I want simulat micro strucure evolution in metal fromind, e.g. rolling. To capture grain growth or refinement, i use MC method and rolling process simulate by FEM method (ABAQUS). Do any one have experience in this field?

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