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Faculty Position in MechE at Boston University

The college of engineering at Boston University has embarked on a bold new strategic plan that will pursue excellence and impact along six convergent and collaborative research themes:  (1) Intelligent, Autonomous and Secure Systems, (2) Synthetic Biology, Tissue Engineering and Mechanobiology, (3) Energy, Sustainability and Climate, (4) Materials by Design (5) Photonics and Optical Systems, and (6) Neuroengineering, Neuroinformatics, and Neuroscience. The Department of Mechanical Engineering (MechE) is conducting a search at the Assistant Professor rank (pending provost approval).

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Using Solar Heat to Create Clean Drinking Water

Hello again iMechanica! My name is Ryan and I am the Founder of Mechanical Engineering HQ. I am writing today to share an interesting development in water sanitation technology. Scientists and engineers have developed a new solar powered water purifier that can create drinking water from wastewater and seawater. Read on to find out how they have achieved this!

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Effects of oscillating pressure on desalination performance of transverse flow CNT membrane In parallel with recent developments in carbon nanomaterials, there is growing interest in using these nanomaterials for desalination. To date, many studies have affirmed the potential of using such nanomaterials for constant pressure desalination operation. In this work, the performance of such membrane when subjected to oscillatory pressure at sub-nanosecond is investigated in detail.

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Water waves simulation with Abaqus

Hi everybody,


I want to simulate water waves using abaqus. I want design a good reef, in order to improve the waves to surf.


I'm Abaqus user (plasticity, elasticity, heat transfer...) but I never simulate water an less waves. Can someone help me or give me some indications to start???



Thanks a lot

Modelling water in Abaqus


Is anybody able to provide me with a step by step guide of how to model water as a material in Abaqus.


An ice block submerged in the water, if the ice melts level of water What will Happen

An ice block submerged in the water, if the ice melts level of water Whatwill be the level of water .

1. Increase

2. Remain Same

3. Decrease

Tetrahedral: The key to life on Earth?

It seems to me that tetrahedral bonding is responsible for life on earth. 

One might leap to the (reasonable) conclusion that I am referring to the element carbon and its ability to form sp3 bonds.  Life does depend on carbon, no doubt. But where does life exist, by and large?

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