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Hassan Aref died this weekend

With deep sorrow we write to  convey the sad news that Hassan Aref has just passed away.  According to an email from Ishwar Puri, Head of the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, of Virginia Tech, Professor Hassan Aref went on an extended weekend visit to his home in Illinois on Thursday night.  He died there on Friday, sitting in his chair.

Katia Bertoldi is new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club

Katia BertoldiKatia Bertoldi, of Harvard University, has graciously accepted our invitation to be Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club. Katia has a knack to organize really interesting and inspiring symposia and workshops.  Here are two examples:

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French Republic Knights Professor Ravichandran

G. Ravichandran, John E. Goode, Jr. Professor of Aerospace and Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and Director of the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories (GALCIT) has been selected to receive the Chevalier de l'ordre des Palmes Académiques, which is the Knight grade of the French Republic's Order of Academic Palms. Founded by Napoleon in 1808 to honor educators and scholars,  this distinction recognizes eminent personalities who have made significant contributions to the development of French culture, science, and education.

The Rodney Hill Prize In Solid Mechanics: call for nominations

Elsevier Limited has established a prize named The Rodney Hill Prize in Solid Mechanics. This prize, which consists of a plaque and a check for $25,000, is to be awarded in recognition of outstanding research in the field of solid mechanics. The prize is to be awarded every 4 years, to coincide with the quadrennial International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (ICTAM). The first prize was awarded at ICTAM 2008 in Adelaide and the second will be awarded at the ICTAM 2012 in Beijing.

Alan Needleman will receive the 2011 Timoshenko Medal

needlemanWe have just learned that Professor Alan Needleman, of the University of North Texas, will receive the 2011 Timoshenko Medal.

Professor Frank A. McClintock passed away at the age of 90


Frank A. McClintock, Professor Emeritus in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT, passed away on Feb. 20, in the Briarwood Health Care facility in Needham, Mass. at the age of 90.

After getting his Ph.D. from Caltech in 1950, Frank (MIT ’43, SM ’43) was named assistant professor at MIT and served at the Department of Mechanical Engineering until he retired in 1990 and became professor emeritus. 

George Bugliarello died on 18 February 2011

George Bugliarello, president emeritus and former chancellor of Polytechnic Institute of New York University (NYU-Poly), an acknowledged visionary who brought about significant changes in engineering and education, died after a short illness on February 18.  He was trained in hydrodynamics and civil engineering.  His lifelong investigation was  how natural, mechanical, information and energy systems affect society.   

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The James Clerk Maxwell Young Writers Prize

Congratulations to Julian Rimoli (who's one of the moderators of iMechanica) for winning the 2010 James Clerk Maxwell Young Writers Prize!

Rodney Hill died on 2 February 2011

Rodney Hill was born on 11 June 1921.  He was a Reader, then Professor, in The Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), of The University of Cambridge, during the period 1969-1979. He is widely regarded as among the foremost contributors to the foundations of solid mechanics over the second half of the 20th century. He was author of 'The Mathematical Theory of Plasticity' published in 1950.

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Professors John Rogers and Ares Rosakis elected to NAE

Professors John Rogers and Ares Rosakis were elected to NAE, among the 68 new NAE members. 

John A. Rogers, Lee J. Flory-Founder Chair in Engineering, department of materials science and engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. For novel electronic and optoelectronic devices and systems.

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Who was PhD advisor of Prager?

I have been asking colleagues this question for some time.  I was a Ph.D. student of John W. Hutchinson, who was a Ph.D. student of Bernard Budiansky, who was a Ph.D. student of William Prager.  But for years, the Mathematics Genealogy Project listed the advisor for Prager as “unknown”.

Speech of Acceptance of the 2010 Timoshenko Medal by Wolfgang G. Knauss

files/knauss-w72_2.jpgIn the following the italicized portions were stricken from the oral presentation to better approximate the time length suggested. They are retained here primarily for the preservation of historical developments in mechanics.

Experimental Mechanics of History

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Benoit Mandelbrot dies at 85

Mandelbrot has passed away last week.  A very interesting  mathematician, who received tenure from Yale only at 75, he has introduced fractals also in fracture mechanics.

Benoit Mandelbrot, Father of Fractals, Dies at 85

Dr.Vikram deshpande of Cambridge University set to take over as Professor, effective october 1 .

I feel honoured to share this news that, Dr. Vikram deshpande of cambridge University engineering department is appointed as Professor, effective October 1. He is quite a inspiration to people like me who work in solid mechanics.His contribution to this area is immense and i really feel happy for his acheivements and many more to come.


My heartiest congragulations to him


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Professor Jerrold E. Marsden

It is with the deepest sadness that I inform you that Professor Jerrold E. Marsden passed away on September 21.

Hans Ziegler (5 September 1910 - 6 August 1985)

Hans Ziegler was born on 5 September 1910.  Tomorrow will be his 100th birthday.  A websit has been created to make his work as a scientist, as a teacher and as a personality accessible to the public.

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Professor Donald E. Carlson

It is with great sadness that I report the passing away of Prof. Don Carlson. The link below describes his life and work.

Xiaodong Li is a new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club

Xiaodong Li, of the University of South Carolina, has graciously agreed to be a new Editor of the iMechanica Journal Club.  iMechanica has now over 20,000 registered users.  Xiaodong is one of the earliest active users (user number 48), and has played a large role in shaping the development of iMechanica.  He has been advocating for strong participation from experimentalists, and for highlighting significant applications of mechanics.


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