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Postdoc position in the area of Advanced Materials for Small Modular Nuclear Reactors

Applications are invited for a 2-year postdoc position in the area of advanced materials for small modular nuclear reactors. This position is a full-time position at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, and the selected applicant can start effective immediately. In addition, this position is extendable for another year, depending on the availability of funds and the applicant’s performance.

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Polymer networks which locally rotate to accommodate stresses, torques, and deformation

Dear colleagues,

I'm happy to share a new article with you Polymer networks which locally rotate to acommodate stresses, torques, and deformations to be published in JMPS.


Title: Polymer networks which locally rotate to acommodate stresses, torques, and deformations

Author: Matthew Grasinger

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Size-dependent shape characteristics of 2D crystal blisters

Dear friends, I want to share our recent work on the shape characteristics of 2D crystal blisters. Micro- and nano-sized blisters can form spontaneously when two-dimensional (2D) crystals are transferred onto substrates because liquid molecules that are initially adsorbed on 2D material and substrate surfaces can be squeezed and trapped by interfacial forces. On the one hand, blisters are undesirable in 2D material devices as they impede charge/photon/phonon transport across the interface, so various means were developed to eliminate interfacial blisters. On the other hand, mechanics analys

Linear perturbation analysis in ABAQUS with surface to surface contact

Choose a channel featured in the header of iMechanica: 

Hi, I tried a Linear perturbation analysis in ABAQUS with surface-to-surface contact. The parts that are defined as contacting surfaces are 0.2mm apart. They are also given a normal behavior with a pressure overclosure option using "hard" contact. However, in some modes where it is expected to be in contact, there is interpenetration. The problem is that it depends on the scale of deformation too. So my question is how to make this generalised, i.e., include no contact in case of tensile mode behaviour and include high stiffness in case of mode involving compressive type behaviour?

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How to learn ABAQUS UEL?

Kindly let me know if anyone can introduce a good source to learn UEL to me?As I searched I am not sure how to learn UEL. Thank you in advance! Regards,Mehdi Shahzamanian

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Journal Club for April 2023: Material Testing 2.0

Prof. Fabrice Pierron

University of Southampton, UK

MatchID NV, Ghent, Belgium

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Modeling fatigue life and hydrogen embrittlement of bcc steel with unified mechanics theory

50 days' of free access to the article. Anyone clicking on this link before May 12, 2023, will be taken directly to the latest version of the article on ScienceDirect, which you are welcome to read or download. No sign-up, registration, or fees are required.

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Jensen-Shannon Divergence Based Novel Loss Functions for Bayesian Neural Networks

The Kullback-Leibler (KL) divergence is widely used in state-of-the-art Bayesian Neural Networks (BNNs) to ap- proximate the posterior distribution of weights. However, the KL divergence is unbounded and asymmetric, which may lead to instabilities during optimization or may yield poor generalizations. To overcome these limitations, we examine the Jensen-Shannon (JS) divergence that is bounded, symmetric, and more general. Towards this, we propose two novel loss functions for BNNs.

Article: Viscous Theory for the Vibrations of Coaxial Cylinders: Analytical Formulas for the Fluid Forces and the Modal Added Coefficients

This article addresses the small-amplitude forced beam vibrations of two coaxial finite-length cylinders separated by a viscous Newtonian fluid. A new theoretical approach based on an Helmholtz expansion of the fluid velocity vector is carried out, leading to a full analytical expression of the fluid forces and subsequently of the modal added mass and damping coefficients. Our theory shows that the fluid forces are linear combinations of the Fourier harmonics of the vibration modes.

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Dynamic Hardness Evolution in Metals from Impact Induced Gradient Dislocation Density

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to read our recent publication on Acta Materialia on the dynamic hardness evolution in metals.


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Finite Extension of Accreting Nonlinear Elastic Solid Circular Cylinders

In this paper we formulate and solve the initial-boundary value problem of accreting circular cylindrical bars under finite extension. We assume that the bar grows by printing stress-free cylindrical layers on its boundary cylinder while it is undergoing a time-dependent finite extension. Accretion induces eigenstrains, and consequently residual stresses. We formulate the anelasticity problem by first constructing the natural Riemannian metric of the growing bar. This metric explicitly depends on the history of deformation during the accretion process.

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PhD position at Uppsala University: Elasto-hydro-dynamic analysis of architectured materials

CIM (Centre for Interdisciplinary Mathematics) at Uppsala University in Sweden is recruiting PhD students for three of the seventeen projects announced. One of the announced projects are proposad by us to address elasto-hydro-dynamic analysis of architectured materials. If interested, please consider applying:

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Reconfigurable enhancement of actuation forces by engineered losses in non-Hermitian metamaterials

Dear Colleagues, 

I invite you to read our recent Extreme Mechanics Letters paper presenting a novel viewpoint on enhancing emissivity near exceptional point singularities in a non-Hermitian metamaterial. We present the experiments and numerical modeling in an elastodynamic framework--where the actuation forces from an actuator are enhanced by coupling to a passive dissipative non-Hermitian metamaterial--and present the theory further generalized and applicable to other physical frameworks from acoustics to optics and microwaves.


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Modeling SEBM Process of Tantalum Lattices

Selective electron beam melting (SEBM) is one of the popular powder-bed additive manufacturing (AM) technologies, of which there have been extensive studies employing numerical simulations to investigate the thermo-physical phenomena. A procedure for deducing thermo-physical properties of powders from bulk properties of tantalum is presented.

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Pseudo-bistability of viscoelastic shells

By Yuzhen Chen, Tianzhen Liu and Lihua Jin*

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Postdoc position at the University at Buffalo (SUNY)

Please see attached for a postdoc opportunity at SUNY Buffalo. Any questions from potential applicants can be emailed to me directly.

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Mechanical Couplings of 3D Lattice Materials Discovered by Micropolar Elasticity and Geometric Symmetry

Like Poisson’s effect, mechanical coupling is a directional indirect response by a directional input loading. With the advance in manufacturing techniques of 3D complex geometry, architected materials with unit cells of finite volume rather than a point yield more degrees of freedom and foster exotic mechanical couplings such as axial–shear, axial–rotation, axial–bending, and axial–twisting.

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Global Composites Experts Webinar by Dr. Chuck Tucker

cdmHUB invites you to attend the Global Composites Experts Webinar Series. 

Title:  Fiber Orientation Prediction for Discontinuous Fiber Composites: Fundamentals and Future Trends

Speaker:  Professor Charles Tucker, UIUC

Time: 2/2, 11AM-12PM EST.

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Journal Club for February 2023: Understanding Engineering Alloy Behavior by Combining 3D X-ray Characterization and Finite Element Modeling

Darren C. Pagan a, Romain Quey b, Matthew P. Kasemer c

Materials Science and Engineering, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park PA 16802, US

Mines Saint-Etienne, Univ. Lyon, CNRS, UMR 5307 LGF, F–42023 Saint-Etienne, France

Mechanical Engineering, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL 35487, US


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