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Article: A new criterion for the instability threshold of a square tube bundle subject to an air-water cross-flow

We investigate the fluid-elastic instability of a square tube bundle subject to two-phase cross-flow. A dimensional analysis is carried out, leading to a new criterion of instability. This criterion establishes a direct link with the instability thresholds in single-phase flows. In parallel to the dimensional analysis, experimental work is carried out to i) determine the instability thresholds in single-phase flows (new relation between the Scruton, Stokes and Reynolds number), ii) to test the validity of the two-phase flow instability criterion, derived from the dimensional analysis.

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USACM Nanotechnology Virtual Seminar by Kaushik Bhattacharya. 09/27; 2-3pm CDT;

Our upcoming webinar is on September 27 at 2pm central.

Date/Time: September 27; 2-3pm CDT

Join via Zoom:

(Meeting ID: 845 4127 4013/Passcode: 799065)

Speaker: Kaushik Bhattacharya, California Institute of Technology

Discussant: Miguel Bessa, Brown University

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Call for Nominations

Call for nominations for John J. Montgomery Award for Distinguished Innovation in Aerospace. This New Award Commemorates John Montgomery, Inventor of the human-piloted glider, a father of aviation. Deadline to submit is October 1, 2023. Details can be found at
John J. Montgomery Award for Distinguished Innovation in Aerospace - ASME.

PhD position at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate with background in continuum/experimental mechanics eager to be part of an exciting new research project: High strain rate behavior of thermoplastic composite materials for cryogenic hydrogen storage (H-FROST).


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pyLife workshop

During next week, on September 14-15, we hold a pyLife workshop at the FME Czech Technical University in Prague, Czechia. pyLife is a Python-based open-source library built previously mostly by colleagues from Bosch to deal with the fatigue life estimation (see

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EML Webinar Young Researchers Forum by Ruobing Bai, on 12 September 2023: Embedding Physical Intelligence in Soft Active Materials -- from Actuation of Liquid Crystal Elastomers to Switchable Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives

EML will re-launch the EML Webinar Series (Young Researchers Forum) on 12 September 2023.  The webinars are planned to be held once a month for a total of 10 to 12 webinars per year. 

EML Webinar (Young Researchers Forum) on 12 September 2023 will be given by Ruobing Bai at Northeastern University via Zoom meeting

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Multiscale deep learning for woven composites

Woven composites exhibit a complex hierarchical structure with multiple heterogeneous sub-scales, stemming from microscale fiber arrangements and mesoscale interlacing patterns, necessitating sophisticated modeling approaches to accurately capture their intricate multiscale nature.

Applied Mechanics Division – Haythornthwaite Foundation Research Initiation Grants 2023

With funding from the Haythornthwaite Foundation, the Executive Committee (EC) of the Applied Mechanics Division (AMD) of ASME is pleased to announce the establishment of the Haythornthwaite Research Initiation Grant Program, targeting university faculty engaged in research in theoretical and applied mechanics that are at the beginning of their academic careers. Applicants must hold a tenure‐track appointment at the rank of Assistant Professor at a US university on October 1, 2023, and must not be more than 5 years beyond receipt of their doctoral degree at the time

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Congrats to my colleagues for their new center at Brown: MUSE

In the past 3 years, Brown Engineering faculty led by Professor Yuri Bazilevs with co-directors Professors Kenny Breuer and Pradeep Guduru have won more than $15 million in awards for research in Mechanics of Undersea Science and Engineering (MUSE). This was made possible by partnering with Naval researchers and the Naval Undersea Warfare Center (NUWC) in Newport, R.I.

This center may bring great opportunities for doing doctoral and postdoctoral research at Brown. I look forward to interacting with new colleagues and following the progress of MUSE.

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Accretion-Ablation Mechanics

In this paper we formulate a geometric nonlinear theory of the mechanics of accreting-ablating bodies. This is a generalization of the theory of accretion mechanics of Sozio and Yavari (2019). More specifically, we are interested in large deformation analysis of bodies that undergo a continuous and simultaneous accretion and ablation on their boundaries while under external loads.

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PhD positions for a MSCA-DN project (DurAMat)

PhD positions are available for DurAMat which is a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions - Doctoral Network (MSCA-DN) project.  A total number of 11 PhD students will be hired for DurAMat. One PhD student will join us at the department of Physics of the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. The project details and the application process are described in the project website:

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Journal Club for August 2023: Attractors in stressed granular materials


Yida Zhang

Assistant Professor

Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, CO, 80303

Research lab:


1. Introduction

Opening for two new Ph.D. students in the Design & Uncertainty Quantification group, Mechanical Engineering Department, The University of Iowa.

The Design & Uncertainty Quantification group at The University of Iowa, led by Professor Sharif Rahman, is looking for two new Ph.D. students, who are capable of and interested in performing high-quality research on solid mechanics, uncertainty quantification, and design optimization. The research, supported by U.S. National Science Foundation, requires building a solid mathematical foundation, devising efficient numerical algorithms, and developing practical computational tools, all associated with stochastic analysis and design of complex materials and structures.

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PhD call - Innovative metamaterials and metastructures for risk reduction and fitness for service of special risk industrial plants

The University of Trento opens the second call for applications for the admission to the 39th Cycle (Academic Year 2023/2024) of the Doctoral Programme in “Civil, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering” as follows: Deadline for application: September 4th, 2023, hrs. 4.00 PM (Italian time, GMT +2)

It is announced on the UniTrento website:  

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Modal analysis of lead-bismuth eutectic flow in a single wire-wrapped rod channel

The thermal-hydraulics as well as flow-induced vibration of wire-wrapped rod bundles calls for accurate and efficient liquid metal flow simulation and prediction, yet it remains a challenge due to the complex geometries and high Reynolds number flow in wire-wrapped rod channel. Previous efforts towards this goal exclusively adopts full-order modeling (FOM), which is prohibitively computation-intensive.

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On the Effective Dynamic Mass of Mechanical Lattices with Microstructure

We present a general formalism for the analysis of mechanical lattices with microstructure using the concept of effective dynamic mass. We first revisit a classical case of microstructure being modeled by a  spring-interconnected mass-in-mass cell. The frequency-dependent effective dynamic mass of the cell is the sum of a static mass and of an added mass, in analogy to that of a swimmer in a fluid. The effective dynamic mass is derived using three different methods: momentum equivalence, dynamic condensation, and action equivalence.

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MSCA Fellowship Application Opportunity in simulation and data-driven approaches for bioabsorbable metals for medical devices at University of Galway

MedTrain+ is the successor Industry-Academia Training, Career Development and Mobility Fellowship Programme at CÚRAM, SFI Research Centre for Medical Devices to MedTrain (GA 713690). As part of this, MedTrain+ is offering prestigious three-year fellowships to eligible experienced researchers in the broad area of Medical Device Research and Development. The MedTrain+ programme will provide excellent experienced researchers with a research, complementary, and transferable skills training experience of the highest international standards.

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miniSLM at Swiss Light Source reveals temperature excursions during laser-based 3D printing

Excellent paper looking at temperature profiles during LPBF AM (using miniSLM):

Of course, questions remain regarding the validity of temperature estimation method, max temp, max cooling rates etc. - 
but it is an important step in the right direction!

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Short Course on the VEM at USNCCM17

Hello All,

Gianmarco Manzini (LANL) and I are teaching a short course entitled: "Virtual Element Method in Solid and Fluid Mechanics" at USNCCM17 in Albuquerque, which will be held on Sunday, July 23rd, 2023.  If you plan to be at the conference in-person, then do consider attending the short course.  A summary of the course follows:

Plastic Limit Analysis of Plane Stress Problems by Truss Element


Jiang Ke. Plastic Limit Analysis of Plane Stress Problems by Truss Element. Preprint at , 2023.

The Most Beautiful Animation of Plasticity in History



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