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A Multiresolution Adaptive Wavelet Method for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

A Multiresolution Adaptive Wavelet Method for Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations

Adaptive Wavelet Method

If you are interested in the full lecture on the Multiresolution Adaptive Wavelet Method, I have given The Journal of Computational Physics lecture as the part of the Cassyni project.  


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Curvatures of a Surface and the Rotation of the Unit Normal Vector

Thanks to Weingarten’s formulae [1], which date to 1861, the bending deformation of a Kirchhoff-Love shell can be characterized by examining the variation of the unit normal vector to the surface of the shell. 



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Axial-shear mechanical coupling

Anisotropy and chirality create an interesting mechanical coupling – axial-shear coupling. This paper also reports a weak correlation of chirality with negative Poisson’s ratio and a directional negative and positive Poisson’s ratio of a tetra-achiral lattice.

For more information, you can check this paper:

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Axial-bending mechanical coupling

We discovered a novel mechanical coupling effect – axial-bending coupling. Unlike Poisson, axial-shear, and axial-twisting coupling effects, this axial-bending coupling occurs at a non-centrosymmetric square lattice.

For more information, you can check this paper:

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Magneto-Mechanical System to Reproduce and Quantify Complex Strain Patterns in Biological Materials

Based on magneto-active polymers, we provide a non-invasive and real-time control methodology to impose complex mechanical forces on biological systems. The device is conceptualised to be suitable for any traditional microscope! See scheme:


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The Universal Program of Linear Elasticity

Universal displacements are those displacements that can be maintained, in the absence of body forces, by applying only boundary tractions  for any material in a given class of materials. Therefore, equilibrium equations must be satisfied for arbitrary elastic moduli for a given anisotropy class. These conditions can be expressed as a set of partial differential equations for the displacement field that we call universality constraints.

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Phase field fracture predictions of microscopic bridging behaviour of composite materials

Dear iMechanicians,

I hope that you find the following paper of interest. We conducted 3D (phase field) fracture simulations that explicitly resolve the microstructure of composites, predicting the role of key mechanisms such as fibre bridging (i.e., an output of the model, not an input!). 

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Comparison of simulated and measured grain volume changes during grain growth

This is the preprint of an article that will appear in Physical Review Materials (

Comparison of simulated and measured grain volume changes during grain growth

Xiaoyao Peng, Aditi Bhattacharya, S. Kiana Naghibzadeh, David Kinderlehrer,  Robert Suter,  Kaushik Dayal, and Gregory S. Rohrer


PhD Scholarship at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia - Mechanical/Biomechanical Engineering

A PhD student position in the field of mechanics is available in the Department of Mechanical and Product Design Engineering at the Swinburne University of Technology (Melbourne, Australia). The project will focus on developing a new energy-absorbing metamaterial, incorporating the synergistic effect of shear-thickening fluid (STF) and cellular structures, for improved mechanical performance under different loading conditions.

Prior experience with finite element methods and impact testings is highly preferred.

Article: New estimations of the added mass and damping of two cylinders vibrating in a viscous fluid, from theoretical and numerical approaches

This work deals with the small oscillations of two circular cylinders immersed in a viscous stagnant fluid. A new theoretical approach based on an Helmholtz expansion and a bipolar coordinate system is presented to estimate the fluid forces acting on the two bodies. We show that these forces are linear combinations of the cylinder accelerations and velocities, through viscous fluid added coefficients. To assess the validity of this theory, we consider the case of two equal size cylinders, one of them being stationary while the other one is forced sinusoidally.

Journal Club for March 2022: Liquid Nanofoam: Past, Present and Future



Liquid Nanofoam: Past, Present and Future


Mingzhe Li and Weiyi Lu

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Michigan State University


1. Introduction

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A slender body theory for the motion of special Cosserat filaments in Stokes flow

The motion of filament-like structures in fluid media has been a topic of interest since long. In this regard, a well known slender body theory exists wherein the fluid flow is assumed to be Stokesian while the filament is modeled as a Kirchhoff rod which can bend and twist but remains inextensible and unshearable. In this work, we relax the inextensibility and unshearability constraints on filaments, i.e., the filament is modeled as a special Cosserat rod.

NewFrac Marie Curie ITN Workshop-2

Dear friends,


I want to bring your attention for a modified dates for the NewFrac Marie Curie ITN Workshop-2


NewFrac Workshop-2 is especially focused on Phase Field and Finite Fracture Mechanics. It is open to senior researchers and PhD students in fracture mechanics.

Due to the covid situation, we announce that final dates for Workshop-2 are 9-12 May, 2022.

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Competition between Mullins and curvature effects in the wrinkling of stretched soft shells

A highly stretched hyperelastic shell exhibits a coupling behavior of local wrinkling and global bending within the stability boundary, and curvature resists and can even suppress surface wrinkles beyond a critical threshold. Here, we report a novel phenomenon that smooth surface maintains upon stretching a soft shell, while wrinkles emerge upon unloading, which implies a nonlinear interplay between curvature and Mullins (stress softening and residual strain) effects in the entire loading-unloading cycle.

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Thermally induced deformations in multi-layered polymeric struts

Stimulus activated structures that deform from a reference to target configurations are used in various fields such as soft robotics, smart materials, and actuators.  In this work we introduce a framework that captures the non-linear response of multi-layer polymeric beams subjected to thermo-mechanical loading. We show that the exploitation of the glass transition temperature can lead to a wide variety of interesting responses.

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Postdoctoral Opportunity in Ceramic Matrix Composites at Baylor University

Weblink for job advertisement below. Apply through the Baylor Career website as advised. Feel free to reach out to me for informal enquiries - Dr. Singh (


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