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Molecular‑level investigation on the spallation of polyurea




Our paper "Molecular‑level investigation on the spallation of polyurea" is freely available from this link:

We used molecular dynamics (MD) simulations to investigate the nanoscale mechanism associated with the spallation of polyurea, which allowed us to test some assumptions commonly made in the interpretation of similar experiments on the macroscale. 

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Efficient Constant Strain Tetrahedron Shape Functions

Dear researchers,

Hi all,

I am pleased to post my following publication:

Study on Dynamic Detection of Reinforced Concrete Bridge Damage by Finite Element Model Updating


How can solid ice be tested in laboratory environment (mechanical testing)?

Below is a blog post based on equipment that we have built for testing solid ice samples. We designed an ADMET biaxial testing system (eXpert 8600 series) in collaboration with the Rock and Ice Deformation Laboratory (RIDL) at Woods Hole Oceanograhic Institution (WHOI). 

Test Application

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My Scientific New Paper

Hi All,

My New Scientific Paper is :

Structural Probabilistic Health Monitoring of a Potentially Damaged Bridge

Mohammed Lamine MOUSSAOUI , Mohamed CHABAAT , Abderrahmane KIBBOUA

International Journal of Structural and Civil Engineering Research

Volume 10, No. 3, pp. 119-122, 2021


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Universal Deformations in Anisotropic Nonlinear Elastic Solids

Universal deformations of an elastic solid are deformations that can be achieved for all possible strain-energy density functions and suitable boundary conditions. They play a central role in nonlinear elasticity and their classification has been mostly accomplished for isotropic solids following Ericksen's seminal work. Here, we address the same problem for transversely isotropic, orthotropic, and monoclinic solids.

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New paper on a micromechanical model for the prediction of fatigue damage evolution and fatigue life (S-N curves)

Have you ever though about what make composite materials fail under cyclic loading? In the paper we collect evidence of what is fatigue damage actually is. We combine the collected clues into a conceptual model for fatigue damage in unidirectional composites. Next, we formulate a mathematical micromechanical model. The model can predict the fatigue life of a unidirectional fibre composites from the basic mechanics properties of the fibre, matrix and the fibre/matrix interface.

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Call for paper on Soft Robotics based on Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs)

Dear colleagues,

The Frontiers in Robotics and AI has launched a new Research Topic, Soft Robotics based on Liquid Crystal Elastomers (LCEs)

The submission deadline is 19 January 2022.

Here is the homepage for this research topic:

As a contributing author, you will benefit from:

Post-doc position call - University of L'Aquila

I bring to your attention this opportunity at the University of L'Aquila.

Kindest regards,

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Origins of size effects in initially dislocation-free single-crystal silver micro- and nanocubes

We report phenomenal yield strengths—up to one-fourth of the theoretical strength of silver—recorded in microcompression testing of initially dislocation-free silver micro- and nanocubes synthesized from a multistep seed-growth process. These high strengths and the massive strain bursts that occur upon yield are results of the initially dislocation-free single-crystal structure of the pristine samples that yield through spontaneous nucleation of dislocations.

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Universal route for the emergence of exceptional points in PT-symmetric metamaterials with unfolding spectral symmetries

We introduce a class of parity-time symmetric elastodynamic metamaterials (Ed-MetaMater) whose Hermitian counterpart exhibits unfolding (fractal) spectral symmetries. Our study reveals a scale-free formation of exceptional points in those Ed-MetaMaters whose density is dictated by the fractal dimension of their Hermitian spectra.

Journal Club for July 2021: Computational Design of Compliant Mechanisms

Computational Design of Compliant Mechanisms

Jessica McWilliams (, Wei-Hsi Chen (, Cynthia Sung (

General Robotics, Automation, Sensing & Perception (GRASP) Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania, USA


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Design of NiTi-based shape memory microcomposites with enhanced elastocaloric performance by a fully thermomechanical coupled phase-field Model

The non-transforming intermetallic Ni3Ti phase generated in NiTi matrix by additive manufacturing was previously reported to create elastocaloric composites with a great coefficient of performance (COP) between 11 and 22 [Hou et al., Science 366 (6469) (2019) 1116–1121]. In this work, we use a fully thermomechanical coupled phase-field model to design microarchitectures with very high COP considering the effects of all the possible non-transforming intermetallics (Ni4Ti3, Ni3Ti, and Ti2Ni) in NiTi.

Small Specimen Fatigue Testing

Studying fatigue properties of small specimens can be challenging, yet is needed for research purposes as well as for product and verification testing in industries like the medical device and additive manufacturing.

Fatigue testing allows manufacturers and researchers to get a critical understanding of how a material or component will perform in real-world loading scenarios over the course of time. Common fatigue testing definitions and keywords include:

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Adhesion enhancement in a dimpled surface with axisymmetric waviness and rate-dependent work of adhesion

Surfaces showing macroscopic adhesion are rare in industry, but are abundant in Nature. Adhesion enhancement has been discussed mostly with geometrical systems (e.g. patterned surfaces), more rarely with viscoelasticity, and has the goal of increasing hysteresis and the detachment force at separation. Soft materials are common, and these have viscoelastic properties that result in rate-dependent increase of toughness.

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A magnetoelastic theory for Kirchhoff rods having uniformly distributed paramagnetic inclusions and its buckling

We present a theory for finite and spatial elastic deformation of rods under the influence of arbitrary magnetic field and boundary condition. The rod is modeled as a Kirchhoff rod and is assumed to have uniformly distributed array of uniaxial spheroidal paramagnetic inclusions embedded in it all pointing in the same direction in the undeformed state. The governing equations of the magnetoelastic rod are derived which are further non-dimensionalized and linearized to investigate buckling in such rods.

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Poromechanics special Issue

We are soliciting article submissions for a special issue on Advances in Computational and Data-driven Poromechanics for International Journal of Multiscale Computational Engineering

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How to better grasp your spoon?

How can shear loading rate affect the soft adhesive contact area? A new blog post in discusses the problem following the paper "Papangelo, Antonio. (2021). On the Effect of Shear Loading Rate on Contact Area Shrinking in Adhesive Soft Contacts. Tribology Letters. 69." just published in Tribology Letters.

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Superelasticity and shape memory effect in zirconia nanoparticles

In this work, superelastic and shape memory properties of single crystalline and polycrystalline yttria stabilized tetragonal zirconia (YSTZ) nanoparticles are studied by atomistic simulations. N. Zhang and M. Asle Zaeem. Superelasticity and shape memory effect in zirconia nanoparticles. Extreme Mechanics Letters 46 (2021) 101301 (8 pages).

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Computing wrinkling and restabilization of stretched sheets based on a consistent finite-strain plate theory

It was reported both in experiments and computations using some classical plate theories that wrinkles can appear in a uniaxially stretched rectangular hyperelastic film with clamped-clamped boundaries and can be suppressed upon further tension. Here, based on a recently-available consistent finite-strain plate theory, we investigate this complex instability problem with isola-center bifurcation (the nontrivial solution curve begins and ends at two distinct points on the trivial line) in more depth and present an efficient numerical algorithm.

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Effects of Cleavage Plane and Material Strength on Fracture of Polycrystalline Brittle Materials: A Phase-Field Modeling Study

A modified phase-field model for fracture is presented which includes the material strength and cleavage planes to quantitatively predict the crack propagation path and the mechanical response in polycrystalline brittle materials. Computational Materials Science 197 (2021) 110642 (11 pages).

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Mathematically exploring wrinkle evolution

Wrinkling is one of the most important mechanical deformation modes (for example, buckling and crumpling) that are omnipresent in our daily life: for instance, wrinkled fingers after soaking in water for a prolonged time, the folds within the brain, and metal wrinkles after a car collision, to name a few.


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