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ASEC2008 Australasian Structural Engineering Conference

ASEC 2008 is a two-day conference scheduled for midway through 2008 directed at structural engineers. This conference is a time out, providing an opportunity for like minded people to meet, share ideas and broaden their technical skills.

Derivative of Logarithmic Strain

Some of you probably work on problems that involve moderately large strains. An useful strain measure for such problems in the logarithmic or Hencky strain. In particular, if you deal with the numerics of large strain simulations, you will often need to compute the material time derivatives of logarithmic strains.

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International Workshop on Smart Devices: MODELING OF MATERIAL SYSTEMS 2008

January 10-12, 2008.  IIT Madras INDIA    poster abstracts deadline Jul 20

The PRIMARY OBJECTIVES:  A comprehensive review of the existing tools for modeling smart materials systems AND  Enabling the industry to develop approaches  for analysis & design
of smart devices.

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Orientation of Core-Shell Nanoparticles in an Electric Field

Coated nanoparticles, which have a core-shell structure, have many applications. The attached manuscript shows some of our progresses in investigating the induced torque and orientation of such nanoparticles in an electric field. We show that the shell of a nanoparticle has an important effect on its orientation, even when the shell is thin and takes only a small portion of the total volume. For instance, a thin layer coating of highly conductive Au can dramatically change the induced torque on a SiO2 or TiO2 nanoparticle.

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Looking for a copy of Bridgeman's classical work, "Studies in Large Plastic Flow and Fracture"

I found it's hard to get copies of some old but classic works. Those classic works usually represent the most important findings in corresponding fields. Though thousands of new articles are published every year with easy online access, more than 90% of them will not be touched by anybody after 10 years. It's a pitty to see, however, there's no easy access to most classic old works in almost every fields.

The 2007 Awards of Applied Mechanics Division

The Applied Mechanics Division, of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), administers 5 awards.  The 2007 recipients are

On digitizing and editing figures

Recently I have observed that if I don't perform a routine task for a few months, I tend to forget the steps needed in the process. I have to relearn the process and that's a waste of time. The intention of this blog post is to provide a list of tips for my use which can also be of use to other Linux users. I like free software. Most of the software on this list can be downloaded from SourceForge or some such place.


Professor T.H. Lin passed away

A message from Woody Ju.  It is with deepest sadness and sorrow that I inform you that Professor T.H. Lin, our kindest role model and gentleman, passed away on June 18, 2007; he was 96 years old. Prof. Lin worked until last Friday.

He is survived by his sons (Prof. Robert Lin of UC Berkeley, Prof. Jim Lin of UCSD) and his daughter (Rita).

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7th International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials

The seventh conference in the Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials series ( will be held once again in Hyannis, Massachusetts, USA, 14-19 September 2008Hyannis is situated on the historic Cape Cod peninsula just 90 minutes from either Logan International Airport (Boston, MA) or TF Green Airport (Providence, RI). 

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3rd International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis

Following successful meetings in Lisbon and Toronto in 2004 and 2006, Elsevier will be running the 3rd International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis ( in the beautiful town of Sitges in July 2008. Sitges is situated on the coast of Catalunya, Spain, just a short distance from Barcelona International Airport.

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Open Source Publishing

I am putting together a proposal in response to NSF's Engineering Virtual Organizations solicitation regarding what I call Open Source Publishing.  The proposal can be found (and edited if you setup an account) here.  I would encourage you to register and edit if you're interested.  All revisions are saved so there is no risk of messing something up.  The proposal is fairly unstructured at this point and consists of mostly just my th

Graeme Milton to be awarded the 2007 Prager Medal

Professor Graeme Milton will be awarded the 2007 Prager medal from the Society of Engineering Science for his work on solid mechanics.  The medal will be handed out at the 44th Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science (SES2007) to be held between October 21 and 24, 2007 at College Station, Texas.

Tom Hughes wins the 2007 Timoshenko Medal

Tom Hughes is named the 2007 Timoshenko Medalist by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.  The Timoshenko Medal is widely considered the most prestigious medal in the international community of mechanics.   Timoshenko was the first recipient of the Medal, in 1957, and the year 2007 marks the 50th anniversary.

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A Global Role of the iMechanica Is Emerging

The report about the iMechanica get-together with the McMat 2007 is definitely exciting, because we have found a community beyond the usual professional conferences we are familiar with.  Besides, we may have more, if not less, common interests and languages through this coordinated and yet diversified group with thousands of members in different places of this world.  It is indeed exciting to meet as friends you make from the Internet, except it is professionally:-)

Senior Applied Mechanics Engineer Job Opening at NAC International

NAC International, a privately owned, U.S. based global provider of solutions and nuclear transportation and design technology for the energy, environmental and electric utilities community, is currently seeking an experienced Senior Applied Mechanics Engineer to work in its corporate office in Norcross, GA.   NAC specializes in strategic management, fuel cycle, information management and organizational improvement solutions for the energy, utility and technology communities.   


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