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computational methods

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Latest progresses on the phase field model for brittle fracture

Dear Fracture mechanician,

In my group we published 2 articles with novelties on the phase field model for brittle fracture:


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Post-doctoral Position in Theoretical and Computational Solid Mechanics at Los Alamos National Laboratory

The Fluid Dynamics and Solid Mechanics Group (T-3) at Los Alamos National Laboratory is currently seeking outstanding candidates for a post-doctoral research position in the areas of solid mechanics, constitutive modeling, computational methods, and multi-scale modeling and simulation techniques. The prospective candidate is expected to take part in theory and computational method development for the effective representation of plasticity, damage and failure in solid materials.

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Minisymposium 'MS 13: Mechanics of Soft Materials and Structures' at EMI 2015 at Stanford University

Dear Colleagues,

we would like to draw your attention to the minisymposium entitled 'MS 13: Mechanics of Soft Materials and Structures', which we are organizing as part of the EMI 2015 Conference (Engineering Mechanics Institute Conference) to be held in Stanford, United States, June 16-19 2015.

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Associate Professor Position in High Performance Computational Methods at Northwestern

Applicants are invited to apply for a tenure track faculty position in Mechanical Engineering at the Associate Professor level in computational science and engineering at Northwestern University.  Higher level appointments will be considered under special qualifications. Candidates are expected to demonstrate strong skills in leadership and a commitment to collaboration and teaching in the graduate and undergraduate programs of the McCormick School of Engineering.

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Advanced Finite Plasticity Textbooks

While reading the article

"An alternative approach to finite plasticity based on material isomorphisms " (1999) by Prof. Bertram, the first thing that attracted my attention was the quote [by Prof. Naghdi (late)]:

 “there is some degree of disagreements on nearly all of the main constitutive ingredients and features of plasticity in the presence of finite deformation... Some of the issues of disagreements are of basic and fundamental importance.”

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Postdoctoral/Research Associate on Computational Mechanics of Granular Solids

A postdoctoral/research associate position is available in the area of computational modeling of granular materials at Rutgers University working under the supervision of Prof. Cuitino. Candidates with a strong background in computational mechanics of solids, interfacial mechanics, granular materials and computational methods are highly encouraged to apply.


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Post-Doc position in the area of Computational Mechanics, Institute of Structural Mechanics, Bauhaus Uni. Weimar

We are looking for a Post-Doctoral Fellow in the area of Computational Mechanics. The position is available within the Institute of Structural Mechanics, chair of Computational Mechanics at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany. The key research areas of the chair of Computational Mechanics are Multiscale Modeling of Materials and Isogeometric Analysis.

Call for Abstracts - Symposium on Advanced Computational Methods for Fracture (IMECE 2009)

This is topic 12-21 Advanced Computational Methods for Fracture in the upcoming ASME Congress 2009 (November 13-19, Lake Buena Vista, FL., USA.) Deadline for abstract submissio: March 2, 2009.

The aim of the topic is to recognize the recent development in the computational tools for fracture characterization. The topic is open to all contributions on numerical techniques, simulations of fracture problems at all length scales, failure mechanism modeling, fracture prediction, and computational algorithms to achieve these goals.

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