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finite element modeling

Two postdoctoral positions available at NIST

The Biosystems and Biomaterials Group at NIST has two postdoctoral positions available for recent PhD graduate to work on (1) simulation of photon transport (light migration) in polymeric composites (2) modeling of cell-material adhesive interactions. These interdisciplinary research programs require the prospective applicants to have a strong background in computational methods (finite element or MD).

Postdoctoral Positions at Univ. of Texas at Austin, Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering

Dr. Mukul Sharma, Professor in Dept. of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering at the University of Texas at Austin is seeking to fill two Postdoctoral Positions.

PhD scholarship in Diesel Engine Tribology

A PhD scholarship is available at DTU Mechanical Engineering, Section for Solid Mechanics, in the field of diesel engine tribology. The scholarship focuses on computational modelling and experimental verification of fluid film and bearing parts of journal bearings in large two-stroke diesel engines. The department has well-established research activities in these fields and the present scholarship is partly funded by the EU-project Hercules-C. The research activities will be performed in close cooperation with MAN Diesel & Turbo SE located in Copenhagen.

Two PhD positions at JWI&BSRT Charite Berlin: Multiscale modeling of MMTs

The research laboratory for Quantitative Acoustic Microscopy and High
frequency spectroscopy of the Julius Wolff Institute &
Berlin-Brandenburg Graduate School for Regenerative Therapies, Campus
Virchow-Klinikum - Prof. Dr. Kay Raum – is opening the two Doctoral
Researcher (PhD) positions immediately.

We are looking for two motivated graduate students with excellent
academic performance and interest in conducting interdisciplinary

Position I

Position ID: DM.138.11

Project description


Dear all,

       I would like to ask you, how is it possible to simulate fatigue in Abaqus. I have created my loading. But if I run it as it is it will never reach a critical value, so you could say there is no damage evolution. Is it the only way is to apply some type of hysteresis loop evolution and say that after some cycles the hysteresis loop changes?

Any advice is more than welcome!



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Looking for a postdoc on Laser Material Processing

I am already PhD candidate of Mechanical Engineering in Southern Methodist University, Dallas, Texas. I am looking for a postdoc position with an emphasis on laser material processing. You may access my CV by:


Position "Lead Mechanical Engineer IV" in Germany

Analysis Associates, Inc.

1440 North Lake Shore Drive, #30F,
Chicago, IL 60610

312-274-0542;  Fax: 312-274-0574;  E-mail:

Specializing in
the recruitment of Reliability, Maintainability,


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